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October 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

My father was not a rider. He really was not very mechanical.

Like most mothers, my mother was scared to death she would not see her only son every time I left to go riding. I still recall what I now know are my Mom’s “never going to see you alive again” hugs.

Despite these things, my father and mother stoked my desire to ride as an adolescent, tolerated the tinkering I did on bikes in the garage, and let me go desert racing nearly every weekend for years. By itself, that is pretty amazing, and a gift I have not appreciated fully until recently. 

September 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

Apologies for missing the August edition of musings from the corner.

Thanks to Gordy for making reservations for the camp sites for Tahoe Chill, and getting coffee in the morning. Thanks to Lynell and Jenny for dinners and breakfast.  Weather was good, and the ride over Ebbetts Saturday was spirited despite a few sprinkles. Hello Bear and Morning Bear topped off the weekend. I confess I slept through the visit from Morning Bear. Guess I sounded like a den mate so Morning Bear wandered by my tent without taking any notice.

July 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

I hope y’all had a festive July 4 holiday.

Gordy mentioned several times we were very close to getting an award at the MOA Rally in Billings for having the greatest number of members participating in the Billings Rally. In actuality, we probably had more participating members, but we missed a few people. We missed the award by three people.

This year we were determined to get everyone on the list. I am happy to say WE WON with 52 participants.

June 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

I was reading an article in ADV Moto magazine by Travis Walters that struck a chord with me. While the magazine’s focus is on backcountry touring, all motorbike rides are an adventure simply because we are doing so on a motorbike. You do not smell the flowers (or road kill), or see a shooting star in a cage. He wrote about music and riding, focusing on the periods of time between a sound and a ride. I think his observations are worth sharing. He writes:

May 2017 President's Corner

Marv Lewis made a proposal at the last Board meeting that exemplifies his character, and is befitting the memory of Lois Lewis, a proposal I believe Lois would approve. The proposal was to have a RCB Memorial Poker Run in honor of RCB members we have lost. It is a generous proposal, an excellent idea, and that is what we are going to do. The poker run will be the club ride, following the member meeting on Saturday, June 3. Ken has volunteered to put a route together with the assistance of other officers and directors.

April 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

​Daffodils, California poppies and tree allergies are my signs riding season is about to start. It also signals the time I do not have to go through photos of previous rides to scratch my riding itch – in this case Baja 2015. I plan trips with the earnest desire they are not sabotaged by work commitments. I hope you are plotting your riding events short or long, domestic or exotic. As you think about the summer, I suggest taking a look at the RCB calendar. RCB already has gone to Mendocino for whale watching.

Pine Creek campout

Join us for a weekend of camping and exploring the outback of central Nevada. The ride will depart Susie’s on Friday, June 16 at 8AM. We will eventually make our way to Pine Creek campground (our Base Camp) nestled in Aspen trees at the base of 11,814 ft. Mt. Jefferson. The sites at the campground have picnic tables, fire rings, and BBQ’s. There are vaulted toilets.

March 2017 President's Corner

By Jack Klauschie, RCB Prez

You probably are wondering why in the world I would post this photo for the March President’s Corner. It has nothing to do with the weather this weekend. In fact, the photo was taken in late May, not early March. I wrote before about why I stay involved in RCB. It’s certainly the friendships and camaraderie, but there is so much more.

February 2017 President's Corner

By: Jack Klauschie  RCBPREZ

Last month, I confessed I spent time at the back of monthly member rides for quite a while. I want to share what I learned at the back for prospective members, new members and old hands.

January 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

I hope all RC Beemers had festive holidays.
I want to thank Gordy for five years of dedicated service. Cheers, mi amigo!
I thank in advance those who have agreed to serve as Officers and Directors, particularly Mike who agreed to step in when I am out of town. 
I have been reflecting on why I joined the club back in the late “90’s, why Lynell and I organized / cooked at a spring camping event and Manchester for many years, and why I have been participating in RCB events since. While riding remains a key motivator, I could ride without RCB membership or participating in RCB events. The primary motivator was and continues to be the friendships developed over these many years.