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  • Monday, April 01, 2019 2:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

     Here it is April 1, 2019 and this is no joke! It’s raining. Again. I know we need the rain and snow pack but dang, enough already. That being said I’m guessing we’re all ready for some nice riding weather. I’m ready to shelve my heated gear till next winter. Also, it’ll be nice riding cleaner roads. They’ve been nasty this winter with all the water and the potholes seem to be growing. Capt. Ken has posted the club ride for the month and it looks like there’s a possibility it’ll get rained out. Again! Got 4 more days so, maybe the weather folks will be wrong. Weather permitting and if we have enough riders interested we can form a relaxed riding group with Marv Lewis to lead the charge. We will form a relaxed group every month from now forward if needed. We want the club to be rider friendly to all.

     April 13thA&S is hosting Their “Season Opener”. Demo rides as usual with a number of vendors to include Klim with all of the latest gear. RCB will assist with their culinary expertise providing chefs to masterfully prepare BURGERS AND DOGS!. There will be a donation jar for Camp Okizu-Kids with Cancer. I am a cancer survivor so this is important to me. I have a few chefs lined up but we could use a few more. Come on down and eat a burger, flip a BUNCH  of burgers and have a good day around motorcycles! Perfect.

     April 26, 27 and 28 is the Coastal Classic to Morrow Bay. Looks like a good turn out already. This year should be great as the Coastal Highway is open for the first time in a coupla years. Information on lodging is on the forum as well as GPS' files for routes. If you want to go you best secure your lodging now. There may also be camping options if rooms are booked. Should be a great ride and a great weekend.

     Next up on May 4thfollowing our meeting we will have our Memorial Poker Run.  Since this is a Memorial run I would like to dedicate this years run to both Kim Rydalch and Mike Paetzold who both recently passed. Both of these gentlemen contributed much to RCB through the years and they will be missed around our campfires but not forgotten. Ride on and RIP to our brother riders. All info for the run will be at the May club meeting. The run will end at Bob and Joanie Highfill's house in Lincoln where we will eat a bunch of tacos! After the feast we’ll start tossin cards around and see who wins what. Bob tells me there were 38 bikes at his house last year. I’d like to see us jam up his whole block. Let’s do it!

     This meeting (Apr. 6) we will have Sonja Conklin with AirMed Services give us a presentation on their Air Evac services. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you ride away from home, in the mountains, to other states, this is a no brainer. You pay more for a tire then you do for this insurance, which is reasonable. Everyone in your home is covered whether they be on a bike or in a car. Doesn’t matter. I would rather pay the yearly premium then have to finance a very expensive helicopter ride. Just my 2cents.

     So, here’s to a great riding season in 2019. Everyone ride safe, often and keep your eyes on the event calendar. Come ride with us, camp with us, and get to know us. I’ve had more fun and good times, and made more friends with RCB then any other organization I’ve belonged to. We are not bike snobs. We don’t care what you ride. (As long as it isn’t loud. In which case you can ride in back) Come join in!

    Gonna go out on a limb and use my friend and ex-Prez Jack’s tag line on his columns,

    Thoughts/Suggestions/Insults Welcomed!

    See ya Sat.


  • Thursday, February 28, 2019 6:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wow,  Seems as though it was Jan 1 yesterday and I woke up this morning and it is almost March! Where the heck does the time go? Anyway, here we are anticipating an approaching NEW riding season. NICE! What’s not to love! 

    In spite of all the wetness we’ve experienced so far this year the nutjobs I ride with have managed to accrue some pretty major mileage this winter while dodging major snow fall, massive floods and pouring rain. We are so lucking to live here as we really don’t need battery tenders unless we have multiple bikes. I’m lucky to have two so I do own a tender. Poor folks back east and in colder parts actually put their bikes into hibernation mode. This is a great place to be a motorcyclist in. My GS is nasty dirty right now and would not be allowed in a Starbucks! That’s perfect cause the coffee costs too much and puts me in a foul mood! 

    Thanks to Greg and Cyndee Peart for hosting the annual Whale tour in Mendocino taking place this weekend.The first real RCB event of the year. This is their 15th year hosting this event! Thanks again to the Pearts. Go too, and check out the Events calendar to keep up on future events. 

    We are currently working through the fine tuning of the new website and I feel as though the site is much more user friendly then when it was rolled out. If there is something you see within the site that could be improved,by all means please bring it up. Bring it up at the meeting or approach a club officer or director.Your opinion matters, it’s your club too. Really. This also applies to events. Got a good idea for a new event? Let’s hear it! Got an idea to improve an old event? Let’s hear it! We encourage member participation! 

    Things have changed a bit within the club officer and director positions. Thanks to all our returning directors. Nice to have and welcome new directors Bob Highfill and Rick Kilton to the fold. I’m honored to have Gordy as my right hand man and RCB VP. His past experience as Prez is invaluable. The website management will now be in Karl’s hands and Scott will manage the club’s fortunes as Treasurer. As always Capt. Ken will be our ride leader. Many thanks to all who volunteer for the clubs greater good. Thanks  again to Jack K. for serving as our Prez. It took many MOA Internationals but remember, Jack was the Prez when RCB won the plaque for most represented in a charter club at the Salt Lake City MOA Int’l. That was cool. As always, the entire board of directors and officers will continue working to keep OUR club fun and fulfilling to all members. 

    Sonja Conklin from AirMedCare Network will make a presentation at next months club meeting that offers air evac services. As riders who are often in every imaginable or unimaginable situation this service is kinda a no brainer in my mind. The policy covers not just you as a rider but any relative under your roof. There is a club savings to join. Sonja will be there for any questions and any help we may need for program enrollment. I bring this up now because I think all members need the opportunity to procure this service before prime riding begins. 

    Yep, this being my first monthly column as your new Prez I am confident that along with our Board of Directors and Club Officers the future of River City Beemers is in capable hands. As always. 

    Every ride is an adventure. Ride often. Ride safe.  

    See Ya! 


  • Monday, February 04, 2019 10:26 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    After counting all ballots, resolving all hanging chads, and taking into account those whose votes may have been frustrated by the weather the results of the election are final and hereby certified. All hail the new Chief.

    President: Mike Robles

    Vice President: Gordy Olson

    Treasurer: Scott Moseman

    Secretary: Rand Olson

    Newly Elected Board of Directors: Al Morrison; Karl Weiland; Bob Highfill; Bob Brown; Ray Nuguit; Rick Kilton; Marv Lewis; Ken Caruthers

    Returning Directors: Mike Harvey; Ray Trujillo; Bob Rasters

    This will be the last time you will have to indulge my musings in the President’s Corner. We now look forward to El Jefe Robles’ remarks.

    You, however, can consider my current state of mind on motorbiking, riding and life in the RCB Newsletter. In that regard, I want to give a shout out to Larry Klein for taking over the Newsletter until health issues got in the way. Larry, we hope you are doing well.

    A couple times while President prospective members approached me to ask whether the Club did anything other than the monthly meetings. Knowing all we do I was flummoxed. The lesson is we need to be better about letting others know we are an active riding Club. To that end I want to reiterate a pledge made at the member meeting Saturday morning. Please send me photos of your adventures, camp-outs, a great restaurant, a fabulous brew pub, etc. for the Newsletter. If you send me three or more photos for the Newsletter (hopefully with at least brief comments about where taken and circumstances) I will buy you breakfast. If you send me a ride report (however brief), a review of the latest farkle or equipment, tech tips, riding tips /lessons from the road, camping/camp site suggestions, recommended rides and restaurants, or anything else you may be pondering I will buy you breakfast. The Newsletter is a place where we can share what we are doing and thinking with one another and prospective riding buddies. My e-mail address is jacklau@comcast.net.

    Also, keep an eye on the calendar and Forum for new events and details on currently scheduled events for 2019.

    Many thanks for your support, and best to Mike and the other new Officers and Directors.


  • Monday, January 14, 2019 9:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I hope your holidays were exceptional.

    When I agreed to run for President I warned everyone work would interfere with Presidential duties, but I would do my best to avoid conflicts. Unfortunately, work commitments conflicted with RCB obligations more than I’d hoped for. Work commitments in 2019 look worse so it’s time to hand the Presidency to someone who can attend Board and member meetings consistently.

    We are going to hold an election at the member meeting on February 2. If you are willing to serve as an officer or Board member please send me an e-mail so I can add your name to those who have expressed a willingness to serve. We really are interested in people with new ideas and a willingness to commit a few hours a month to RCB affairs. Currently, the slate looks like this:

    President: Mike Robles; You?

    Vice President: Gordy Olson; You?

    Treasurer: Scott Moseman; You?

    Secretary: Rand Olson; You?

    Board of Directors (7 positions open): Al Morrison; Karl Weiland; Bob Highfill; Bob Brown; Ray Nuguit; Rick Kilton; Marv Lewis; Ken Caruthers; You?

    Returning Directors: Mike Harvey; Ray Trujillo; Bob Rasters    

    It has been my privilege to be your President. Thanks for all your support.


  • Thursday, November 22, 2018 11:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    RCB 2019 Calendar of Events



    Monthly Club Meeting/Ride




    Monthly Club Meeting / Elections

     8 AM Susie's Cafe

      2 Greg Peart Talk A&S after member meeting




    Airheads Death Valley

    Furnace Creek – Death Valley



    Monthly Club Meeting/Ride





    Whale of a Tour / Mendocino

    Sea Gull Inn - Mendocino



    Proposed Tech Day

    Rancho Murieta



    Monthly Club Meeting/Ride




    Coast Ride / Hwy 1

     Morro Bay



    Monthly Club Meeting / Memorial Poker Run




    49’er Rally




    Monthly Club Meeting/Ride




    Spring Fling




    MOA National Rally

    Lebanon, Tennessee



    Nevada Outback GS Camping and Ride




    Chief Joseph Rally

    John Day, Oregon



    Monthly Club Meeting/Ride




    Top O’ The Rockies Rally

    Paonia, Colorado



    Monthly Club Meeting/Ride




    Tahoe Chill

    Camp Richardson, South Lake Tahoe



    30 to Sept. 2

    Range of Light Gypsy Tour

    Must ride it to know.



    Monthly Club Meeting/Ride





    Mt. Lassen Camping

    Lost Creek Group Campground, Mt. Lassen National Park




    Monthly Club Meeting

    Manchester Beach

    Manchester Beach KOA



    Monthly Club Meeting/Ride




    2020 Planning Meeting




    Monthly Club Meeting/Ride





    Christmas Party

    A & S


    Proposed Rider Skills Improvement Day – Thunderhill Raceway Park

  • Thursday, November 22, 2018 11:28 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It’s appropriate I finally am getting round to writing Thanksgiving morning. I take a minute to get on the soapbox. The Club only is as good as members are willing to volunteer to organize and run events. Similarly, if the Club is not doing an event you would like to have happen, speak up. We are open to almost anything.

    Many thanks to those who have volunteered this year.

    Greg Peart for the Mendocino B&B Ride.

    Marv (for storing our trailer and stuff) and Ken for the Memorial Poker Run, and Bob Highfill for hosting the feast after the Poker Run.

    Rick and Mike for the Spring Classic.

    Scott for the Nevada Outback GS Ride.

    Gordy, Lynell, Steve and Jenny for the Tahoe Chill.

    Ralph for cooking at Mt. Lassen.

    Just Bob for cooking Saturday dinner at Manchester Beach (for about 80 people). Ray Trujillo for coffee and b’fast fixins’ over the weekend.

    Capt. Ken for monthly rides.

    Bob Brown for membership and Karl for keeping Club finances straight.

    Ray T. and Steve for the raffles.

    Officers and Directors for their time and help behind the scenes.

    Personal thanks to Mike for filling in for me when work interferes with Presidential duties.

  • Monday, October 15, 2018 6:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We had a great turn out for Manchester Beach. The weather was perfect.

    A special thanks to Just Bob and Terri for smoked brisket, chicken and fixins for dinner Saturday for about 75 people.

    A special thanks to Ray Trujillo and Nancy for coffee, fruit, bagels, etc. in the morning (early morning).

    A personal thanks to Larry Campbell for his Shake n' Bake.



  • Monday, October 15, 2018 6:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Annual Fall Colors Ride for 2018 is this Sunday, October 21 and will include Ebbetts, Monitor, and Sonora passes, with a lunch stop at the great Mountain View BBQ.

    We'll meet at the Ihop at 2525 Iron Point Rd. in Folsom. Arrive by 7 or earlier for breakfast before departing at 8 AM.

    It'll be a 350 mile day and take about 8 hours, with stops for breaks and lunch.

    Ride Often, Ride Safe


  • Wednesday, September 19, 2018 5:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are closing in on the 2018 Fall Classic aka Manchester Beach - the club's biggest event of the year. Our member meeting for October will take place Saturday evening after Fred's Bloody Mary's and an awesome dinner planned by Just Bob, followed and upstaged by a raffle (over $700 spent on raffle prizes) and beers around the campfire. 

    Please sign up so we can have an accurate count for food and beverages.



  • Sunday, September 16, 2018 10:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A few intrepid RCB’ers elected to camp at the Lost Creek campground in Mt. Lassen National Park. Many thanks to Ralph for treating us to tri tip, bakers, corn on the cob and salad for dinner Saturday. Thanks also to Bob Highfill and High Road Rentals for sponsoring (paying for) dinner Saturday.

    Friday dinner however was an eat what ya brung affair. After a smorgasbord of freeze dried meals were consumed, critiques of the meals were exchanged. The rating system became: (1) Pretty good; (2) Decent; (3) Its fuel; and (4) It’ll make a turd. MRE’s also were debated. For the uninitiated, a MRE is a Meal Ready to Eat developed for the military. While select MRE’s are reported to taste pretty good, I’m advised and now warned they cause a concrete plug after a week, requiring a jackhammer to do your business.

    We all know proper hydration is critical for good health. Water with malt and hops is a campfire staple to assure full hydration. What is one to do when at 2 am one’s liver and kidneys have put that water to good use. The unimaginative will do a Lomcovak to get out of their tent to make room for further processing. The seasoned camper however will make use of a modern indispensable tool – the zip lock bag. An added benefit is it makes a warm pillow. Forgot a zip lock bag? A Gatorade bottle will work in a pinch. Just don’t buy lemon lime or you might grab the urine bomb by accident.

    Camp often, camp smart mi amigos.

    Thoughts / Suggestions / Insults / Welcomed / Appreciated


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