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  • Monday, May 02, 2022 9:20 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    by Gordy Olson

    Spring has sprung and the roads are clear of snow in just about every direction!  Dr. Fauci has proclaimed that the “pandemic phase ” of COVID-19 is over and that’s good enough for me.  We have seen increased numbers of members at our monthly meetings and on our rides.  Hopefully those trends will continue and maybe even accelerate.

    On May 7 we will be resurrecting the annual poker ride and the sign up sheet is already on the website.  Signing up in advance helps with meal planning and lets our host, Mike Ledbetter, know just how many towels he will need to have ready for all the rope swingers.  This year’s event is free of charge with everyone getting a poker hand (assuming you complete the ride and correctly answer the questions) and lunch.  A $100 A&S gift certificate will be awarded for the high and low hands.  Runners up in each division will also get a prize (of significantly lesser value!).  There will also be a 50/50 drawing where you can spend as much of your own money as you want to sweeten the pot.  We will have our regular meeting and raffle over at Susie’s that morning before going over to A&S to start the poker run.  Ken and I have ridden the route and it is a beauty!!

    A number of our riding buddies are down in Morro Bay this weekend – more evidence that the club is definitely in the post-COVID afterglow!  Other events that are making their triumphant return this year include June’s Trinity campout and July’s Ride ‘n’ Bowl at the newly renovated Pioneer Crossing bowling alley in Yerington.   Details on those to follow on the website forum.

    This Memorial Day I am hoping that a lot of RCB’ers will be joining our NorCal brothers and sisters at the 49’er Rally up in Quincy.  RCB is handling the two poker runs that weekend and I would much prefer to give the prize money to one of our own, so sign up for the event itself and for the rides.

    Remember to ride your own ride, wear All The Gear All The Time, and spread the good word that COVID is (sorta) GONE and RCB is (completely) BACK!!!

    Cheers, Gordy  (Your Once and Future President)

  • Sunday, April 03, 2022 11:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    By Gordy Olson

    RCB’ers:  I have had it with all of you and am resigning as RCB President effective immediately, purchasing a Harley, and moving to Elko, Nevada!   

    BELATEDLY… April Fool’s!!!!!!

    But seriously, folks… Can it get any better than it was today on our glorious club ride throughout the foothills?  Captain Ken outdid himself finding new roads tucked in among the well-known routes we have all ridden before.  After a very nice turn out for the April meeting (we may need a bigger meeting room soon!), we had 19 bikes participate in the ride.  Both events show that the Club members (and the larger society, I presume) are finally coming out of their COVID-induced hibernation.  There is clearly a lot of pent-up demand with raffle ticket sales off the charts the past two months.  It will make our esteemed Treasurer clutch his spreadsheets even more tightly, but I may have to start spending more on prizes to meet expectations.

    Fred “Ride to Eat” Jewell’s brainchild is off and running.  Check the Forum for the latest rules (since Fred seems to add one or two each week) and get out there and find some new places to visit and enjoy.  We have been cooped up for too long.  LET’S RIDE!!!!!

    Make sure you sign up for the relocated 49’er Rally being held this year on the Memorial Day Weekend (as usual) but up in Quincy (rather than its tradition home in Mariposa).  RCB will be handling the poker runs (yes, there will be two of them!) with cash prizes to the lucky gamblers.

    The Yerington Ride ‘n’ Bowl is making its post-COVID return in July.  The lanes have been completely renovated although I doubt the same can be said of the River City Beemer Bowlers’ kegler skills.  No matter, as long as we all dig out those old “RCB Squared” bowling shirts and wear them with pride.

    Our ex-ex-president, Mike Robles, had the valves on both his GS and the ones on his heart checked.  The bike was fine, but Mike needs a valve adjustment and goes in for the procedure in a few weeks.  Our thoughts are with him and we look forward to seeing him out on the road again soon.

    I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such great friends, great roads, and great events each and every month.  Appreciate our shared good fortunes and take care of yourselves and others.  Ride safely (and often!).

    Cheers, Gordy  (Your Once and Future RCBPREZ)

  • Monday, March 14, 2022 11:44 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Announcing the RCB Ride to Eat Contest.

    This isn't an organized ride, but a collection of destinations to collect points for a drawing to be held at the Manchester Beach event. Download the Ride to Eat pdf to read about the contest and the rules.

  • Sunday, February 27, 2022 12:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    By Gordy Olson

    RCB’ers:  I don’t know exactly where to start… these have been very challenging times of late, but I think (hope?) that the Club is ready to turn the corner and get back to at least a semblance of normal.

    A lot has happened since the last President’s Corner.  Very sadly, Rich and Brenda Gay’s adult son was killed recently in a traffic accident back east.  The Gays were planning to relocate to Sedona, AZ in a year or so but have now decided to make their move now.  We all share their grief and we will miss them. 

    On another sad note… Jim Cyran, a true RCB stalwart before he moved back to Ohio last year, passed away recently after suffering a heart attack while duck hunting out here in Sacramento with some California buddies.  Jim was a great rider and a great Club member.   He will be missed.

    With the Gays’ relocation to beautiful Sedona, I have reassumed the reins (at least for now) of the Club presidency.  As COVID finally appears to be in our rear view mirrors I am hopeful that the Club will be able to get back to a full schedule of events.  This month, some couples are off to Mendocino for the “Whale of a Tour” outing.  Our monthly club rides have started again and the Wednesday Night Riders continue their longstanding tradition of Hump Day rides.

    Check the RCB website regularly to see what else is new.

    Here are some items to put on your calendar for the upcoming months… NORCAL BMW is moving their annual 49er Rally from Mariposa to Quincy (where Central Cal used to hold its Beemer Bash).  NORCAL’s event has been relocated -- but not rescheduled -- it will still be over Memorial Day weekend as usual.  RCB will organize and operate the Poker Run at the Event as we had done historically for Central Cal’s event.  You can go to NORCAL’s website and register for the event.  It should be fun and they are expecting 400-500 participants!!

    In July, the Club is planning to resurrect the “Ride ‘n’ Bowl” trip to Yerington, NV after a hiatus of several years.  I have been in touch with the casino and they are completely renovating the bowling alley and expect to have it ready on time for our arrival.  It wasn’t entirely clear to me if the renovation is being done exclusively for the Club’s benefit or was previously planned, but either way it will be welcome.  I will be providing more details as they become available.  The July Club meeting and raffle will be held on July 9 to avoid a conflict with the July 4th weekend.  The monthly Club ride after the meeting will be to Genoa, NV with the River City Beemer Bowlers (AKA “RCB Squared”) continuing on to Yerington for the rest of the weekend.  Bowlers:  Root through your closets, find those old RCBB bowling shirts, get them dry-cleaned and prepare to revisit one of our treasured events.  Remember:  Those who forget the past are doomed to re-bowl it!!!

    That’s enough for now.  Stay safe and appreciate every day and every ride.  Cheers, Gordy   RCBPREZ  (Again!)

  • Tuesday, November 09, 2021 11:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I want to open this month’s Prez Corner by wishing all the veterans in RCB, and I know there are many, a happy Veteran’s Day. All Veterans deserve recognition and a big “Thank you for your service!” Really, thank you!

    We enjoyed our first Manchester Beach event since the pandemic and, I think we all had a great time. I never was really sure it was gonna happen as this state is all busted up as far as pandemic protocol is concerned but, I finally got the ok from our favorite KOA contact Yolanda that the event was to go on as planned. It was so great to see all friends new and old at our biggest event of the year. Next year will be even bigger I’m sure.

    During  the November meeting we elected a new RCB President for the coming year and the vote was unanimous. Our new prez is Rich Gay! I and we are sure Rich will be an excellent Prez for our club. Thank you Rich for your willingness to serve. Gordy was re-elected as the VP and Maggie will continue on as our Secretary with Scott Moseman  to continue as Treasurer. Thanks Scott, you do great work! All BOD members will remain in their positions with me getting the nod to take on the one open director position. Cpt. Ken will continue as our IT guy and Ride Capt. as well as a director. Thanks to all who serve the club! I know, the pay sucks but, someone has got to do it. Thanks again.

    Sunday, bout a dozen of us got together to resurrect our events calendar for 2022. Those events will be put on the events calendar by Capt. Ken when he gets to it. I want to encourage anyone who would like to suggest a new event for the club to do that. Please do! But, if you do, you are responsible for the planning of the event. It will be your event, and as stated earlier, the pay sucks! We have quite a few new members in the club. Can’t wait to hear new ideas for new events. Bring ‘em on! May the pandemic be over.

    There will be a club meeting Sat. Dec. 4th at Susie’s but, there will be no raffle and, most likely no club ride as that evening we will celebrate our 2021 Christmas Party at A&S. Watch the forum for info in regard to time and your contribution to this grand event. Just know there will be a special guest direct from the North Pole in attendance. That is all I will say! See you there!

    Everyone have a great Thanksgiving with your families and friends. Capt. Ken will be leading The day after Thanksgiving ride to Waterloo for lunch. You can swing by the Lockeford Sausage store on the way home and buy the best sausage made ANYWHERE. DO NOT ASK WHAT DAY THE RIDE IS!

    Ride often, and ride safe!


  • Thursday, October 21, 2021 1:49 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Here we are in mid October with the end of the year staring us down. So where are we now in the maybe post pandemic era? Well, we managed to make a showing at the MOA Intl. in Great Falls Mt. There were somewhere around 25 members in attendance. Not the best rally we have seen but kudos to the MOA rally chairs for making it a nice event with all we have been through this last year. We had a good time. We attempted a campout at Lassen Nat’l Park in Sept. but that was thwarted due to the massive Dixie fire. It was getting tough to find areas to ride in this summer as we were pretty much surrounded by smoke and fire. We did get to Manchester Beach for the Stofer Memorial Classic. Didn’t know for quite a while if that was gonna be pulled off but it was. Worst thing that happened I think was the RCB coffee pot was BROKE! The KOA bailed us out with a coffee pot and saved the day.  Fred was the Manchester Barkeeper and kept everyone happy with Bloody Marys. Bruce and Lisa auctioned a quilt off through auctioneer Jack K. to Gordy for 610.00 that went to The Childrens Receiving Home of Sac. Great cause. We had over 70 folks there I believe. Not bad. Weather was fantastic.

    A handful of us loons gathered at a dusty campsite in the Nev. High desert on Oct 14th, 15th ,16th  and rode around stirring up dust and raising hell. We had a great time after we thawed out. Our mornings were touching freezing in the mornings. Scott M. was our host and fed us well. Hopefully the Nevada Outback ride will continue on. I know I will go back. That was FUN! This is not a pavement ride.

    I talked with Randy at A&S and we are set for the annual RCB Christmas Party. Wasn’t sure at first but yes!, we will have a party complete with our resident Elf in attendance. Information will follow in a thread on the forum. One thing is for sure, there will be no raffle at the Dec. club meeting. All the goodies are raffled at the Gala, Sat. night. The Elf is in charge. Come and enjoy a great evening!

    Nov. is election month. There will be NO mail in ballots. You must be present to vote.  I want to urge all members to get involved in YOUR club. Whether it be an officer or a director or in another capacity please throw your hat in the ring. We need new ideas and new blood to keep things fresh! WARNING!!!! The pay sucks! LOL!

    So, see everyone at the Nov. meeting. Hopefully the weather is good and we can ride!


  • Wednesday, August 11, 2021 11:34 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Yeah, I know, I’m running a bit late this month! Sorry. I am getting ready for and packing for the Tahoe Chill which is coming up this Friday. Should be fun as always and we are in the very capable hands of Lynell and Jenny in regard to their culinary skills and keeping us fed at this event. Thanks to the Klauschies and Harrises for hosting this event. It is a lot of work and I know the folks that attend it appreciate all the effort they expend in always making this an enjoyable event. Pretty sure the bears like it also.

    As a club, we are working to try to make the remainder of 2021’s event calendar as busy as possible and I am wondering how it will play out when you consider how the Covid is gonna effect the remainder of the year. Will the Delta Variant send us back to 2020? I am hoping that doesn’t happen but, we should be prepared for the possibility. We are proceeding with Manchester Beach preparations for Oct. but at the same time a lot can happen between now and then. Being optimistic.

    The Lost Creek campout in Lassen National Park is scheduled for Sept. 17th and 18th.  The plan is I drag my travel trailer there and provide a couple of meals to attendees. The problem (another problem) is the surrounding area is involved in the Dixie fire and the park is presently closed. So here is another possible cancellation. We will keep a close eye on conditions at the park. Fires and Covid! Really?

    On a sad note, We have lost a good friend and club member in Laura Musgrave. Unfortunately Laura was involved in an accident in southern Utah and did not survive it. WE will miss that big smile and big personality she brought to all of our events. Ukulele jam sessions will also be remembered when the campfire is lit! Took 12 years to get me to sing around a campfire. Laura actually pulled it off! She was recently recognized in the BMW ON magazine with her riding mileage last year. She had no fear of a long ride. We will miss her.

    I want to encourage you all to fill out the emergency contact information on this site. It is a new feature in your club profile and you should complete it. It will help someone help you if the need be. Capt. Ken posted a tutorial and it is a quick and easy add on to all of our profiles and long overdue. DO IT! Please.

    We will see some of you at the “Chill” this weekend. Bought a new bear horn. The thing is frickin’ LOUD! Should scare off bears in the next county. We shall see.

    See you all soon. Take care and above all, never ride faster then your guardian angel.


  • Friday, July 02, 2021 3:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends. Grillin’, chillin’ and setting off safe and sane fireworks of which, I have a BIG box. I wish you all a great weekend!

    About 25 of the RCB crew made it to the MOA Int’l in Great Falls, Montana and for being the first post pandemic get together I’d have to say it was pretty nice effort from all the volunteers that are the MOA. Thanks to them all as it was a good time. The musical entertainment at the event was the best of any of the Int’l’s I have attended. Very good! The number of vendors was a bit light but, that was due to the pandemic I’m guessing. They had one tire vendor that was selling and installing tires and, those poor guys were bustin’ butt from Thurs. to Sun. About 30 of us took the Rally Shuttle to downtown Great Falls for dinner. After we finished dinner we found out the shuttle broke down, which was no surprise as we were chuckling over how poorly the shuttle was running. The shuttle got the last laugh! Here’s a tip. Don’t wear flip flops when riding on a poorly maintained shuttle as they are not comfortable after a few miles of walking! We made it back with some RCBers actually climbing a cyclone fence to get back into the venue. My only regret there is, I got no pictures! I hear flip flops suck while climbing fences. I believe that and don’t need to try it! RCB shared the cost of a 20x40 popup with the Norcal club and that worked out well in the intense Montana afternoon sun. All in all I think those that attended the Rally had a good time.

    On a bad note. One of our members had a bad experience with a Montana Mule deer. Mule deer are considerably larger then their west coast cousins. As I understand it our rider missed 2 before hitting number 3. The result was a minimum of a broken ankle and almost assuredly a totaled bike which was almost new. Thoughts go to our fellow club member for a quick recovery. Could have been a lot worse, injury wise. It could have been anyone of us and this is a good reminder to keep constant vigilance while riding through deer country.

    Assuming that our recovery from the Corona remains on a positive plane we will continue to resurrect an events schedule for the remainder of the riding season. Watch the forum as we will be updating this next week.

    See you all at the club meeting tomorrow and ride safe!


    PS. The RCB store is now open. Check it out. Buy a hat or a shirt or whatever. Open till Aug 1st.

  • Friday, June 04, 2021 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It’s Friday June 4th 2021! It has been impossible to guess when our pandemic lock down would end and yet here we are. There is still a ways to go but I think we can agree that we are bathing in the light at the end of the tunnel! Finally! At least it feels that way to me and I hope you are feeling that way also.

    Tomorrow will be our first club meeting in a loooooooong time. It will be fun seeing all of our members again, together! We will have a chance to meet new members that I know we have and reacquaint ourselves with our club friends. We as humans are social creatures and we need this interaction as it has been a long time coming. I know our esteemed rafflemeister Gordy has some great prizes for our first post pandemic meeting. Should be a good one so, bring cash and win something cool. You new club members take special note as, it seems like new members win quite a bit in their first raffles. Not sure why but, it is true. Following our meeting, Capt. Ken will lead us on club ride n romp to Calistoga and have lunch at Buster’s. Great roads and a fun ride. Fill your fuel tank and come ride with us!

    Thanks to all who have responded to our request to know if you are attending the BMWMOA Intl. in Great Falls, Montana. We need it to compete for the most attending in a chartered club award. Once again, we will be sharing a large shelter tent with our friends at the Norcal club. Our camping site will be adjacent to that tent so we don’t have to worry about too much sun as Montana sun can burn you up. Bring sunblock folks and we hope to see you in Great Falls. The Int’l is a great time and if you have never  been to one and can, you should go, you won’t regret it. The MOA does a great job with this event.

    We will resume BOD meetings and do what we can to produce an events calendar as all our events have been cancelled and right now, the only thing in cement is Manchester Beach in October which, is our biggest event of the year. Camping is HUGE right now so, if you want a cabin or an RV site, I recommend you do it now. No one knew how long this thing (pandemic) would last and we should be optimistic that normalcy will continue to improve.

    On a little different note, it has been brought to my attention that we have many folks that need to renew their membership and I would like to request that you do so please. Dues and raffle revenue is the life blood of the club and I understand that the last year has been trying for all but now that we are becoming active again as a club please make sure your membership is up to date! Thanks to all!

    I could go on but, I won’t. I hope to see many of you tomorrow and together we can start to get the RCB train back on the track! See Ya!


  • Monday, May 10, 2021 11:34 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I know, May 10th and here I am with May’s Prez Corner. I have waited a bit this month cause times are a changing for the first time in 14 months of pandemic lockdown. YAY, it’s about time! So let’s get right into some good news for a change!

    We will see our first official club meeting this next month with an actual raffle! That’s right, a meeting and raffle followed by a club ride. Sounds weird I know but, you are reading this correctly. The light at the end of the end of the tunnel is becoming clearer and I am hoping it continues to do so. We all need it. I am looking forward to seeing you all, and getting this train back on the track. Or, at least closer.

    We will also have a BOD meeting this week at the usual venue. We have many things to discuss to include our pretty much non-existent events calendar. At this time the only event on the calendar is Manchester Beach. So, we have some work to do. As always, the meeting is open to all members.

    The MOA needs a guesstimate as to the number of RCB campers attending the International at Great Falls, Montana. They need this information so they can properly cordon off an area that will be the proper size for our tents. I will create a new post on the forum so we can get a tally on who is attending. Even if you are hoteling it please post that you will be at the event as we would like to compete for the “ Most members of a charter club in attendance”. So look for that post on the forum.

    So, here we are. Easiest Prez Corner in over a year! Great news for a change! It will be nice seeing everyone and, getting the club rolling again!


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