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President’s Corner August 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018 10:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I was thinking about the “wave” motorcyclists have been exchanging for decades. Some can barely be perceived while others make Gomer Pyle seem restrained. I always have wondered why the wave started. Way back before paved highways and interstates and motorcycles were less dependable than today maybe it was a way of saying all is good, You? - as you passed going in opposite directions. In the Hells Angels bad boy era, perhaps it was a way to signal affiliation in the same way today’s gangs have colors.

Whether you ride alone or in a group, riding a motorcycle is a solitary act. As we ride, we are exposed to the vagaries of weather, road conditions and our own sense of awareness, strength and vulnerability. All of this is unique to each of us based on our own perceptions and psyche as the ride unfolds in front of us.  

A motorcycle is just a static object until a motorcyclist puts it in motion. A motorcycle must be in a relationship with a rider to fulfill its design purpose. More than any other form of locomotion, a motorcycle, once in motion, becomes a part of who we are in that moment. So as we approach on the road as motorcyclists, I wave and have for five decades. For me, the wave is a sign you are not alone, we are part of like-minded individualists, and we have each other’s back as we engage in the triumphs and hardships of our ride.   

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