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April Prez Corner

Wednesday, April 07, 2021 2:58 PM | Anonymous member

I am sitting at home going through the latest  BMW ON mag realizing that things are changing in this pandemic and a new riding season is upon us here in California and beyond, as I have read a couple of articles in regard to the upcoming MOA event in Great Falls, Mt. Everything I am reading points to all systems “GO”!, and I couldn’t be happier. Granted, we are still operating under covid restrictions but, things are improving. We need to be patient in regard to returning to being able to gather in large groups as we do with our club meetings but, I hope that will be soon. We did actually go on our first official club ride this last weekend to Gott’s Roadside burger joint in St. Helena. That is over a year with no club ride. See? We are making progress! Gott’s has extensive outdoor seating so sticking with protocols was very easy. The ride there and back was spirited and we all had fun far as I could tell. We were gonna stop and take pictures for the newsletter but sadly, as usual, we failed. My wife is always complaining we never stop for the flowers. When you're right, you're right! Good day, great ride, and it was nice to get out with 10 other club riders for our first ride in a year! Things are improving. If you know of a restaurant with extensive outdoor seat that would accommodate a group of riders, please bring it up so with can plan a ride around that restaurant.

Back to the BMWMOA in Great Falls. If you are going, “and I hope you are” start thinking about preparing now. June will be upon us before we know and this is not an event you don’t want to not be ready for. If you are camping, I recommend you are ready for dealing with rain. I worked in Montana for 14 years in all seasons and the weather can go off the rails in a heart beat. Usually it doesn’t, but it can snow anytime of the year. When it rains, it is in HUGE buckets as in, you can’t see worth a darn and you can be soaked quickly. Be prepared. If you are gonna camp, bring a good tent. I would bring a sleeping bag rated at 30 degrees at least. Will you need it? Hopefully not, but sleeping cold is not a great time to figure out you brought the wrong bag. If you are not camping and you plan on motel glamping I suggest you make your reservations sooner, rather than later.

As far as your bike is concerned, take a good look at tires. There are tire vendors at the event and there can be a looooong wait to buy and have tires installed, so I would leave home with pretty fresh tires. Why spend your time at the event dealing with tires. There probably will be a bunch of vendors there that will want your hard earned money as much as the tire guys. Also, check your tire repair kit. Worst time to figure out your tube of glue is dried out is on the side of the road. I ain’t waiting for a tow truck!

Enough for now! So hopefully next month all things will continue to improve and we can keep moving on. Until then, everyone take care, ride safe, and keep your bikes up to snuff!

See ya soon! Mike

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