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Where are our BASH winners?

Aug 8, 2012 - During last Saturday's club meeting, RCB auctioned off two admission passes to CCBR's Autumn Beemer BASH. Two RCB members won and happily came forward to accept their winnings ... The plan was for each of them to complete the application and present it to our treasurer for payment.

Here's the problem - In all the end-of-meeting excitement about our ride to Yerington, we failed to make contact with the two winners and get their completed forms. And none of us recall who the two lucky winners were.

See where we're going? If you, or someone who sat with you during our Aug 4 club meeting, won one of the passes, please contact our treasurer as soon as possible. He'll take care of your payment.

Sorry about that - Normally our organization runs, as you know, with precision, German-like efficiency ...