Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


"What time do we need to arrive?"

Sep 1, 2012 - Showing up a full twenty minutes early, and surveying the packed room, new members Scott and Karin asked out loud how early they needed to arrive to guarantee seating. Laughter ensued, conversations started back up and we welcomed Peter Sandberg back from his temporary Swedish deployment. And with the ringing of his presidential cowbell, our September Club Meeting was called to order.

Our treasurer reported plenty of money to see us through the year, and membership welcomed a couple new members. Gordy reminded everyone that Cloverdale pre-registration had begun and asked members not to dawdle - Registration rises to $10/person after Sep. 29. One member asked about the Cloverdale menu and Phil Sweeney responded that Mary was still deciding - Either Cordon Blue (seasoned, breaded chicken stuffed with layered cheeses and hams) or Chicken Fried Steak. Whichever it is, if Mary's doing the cooking, then it will be excellent. I wonder if she'll be providing a wine pairing.

The raffle followed with its usual rowdiness and quite a few winners at the "Rocklin" table. Suspicious? Maybe. The grand prize winner walked away with a $125 A&S gift certificate. Not too shabby for a $5 raffle ticket investment.

About 20 riders followed Fred Jewell to the Maxwell Inn via a tried-and-true 2009 route, while an equal number moved on to A&S for free donuts. Not bad for our September meeting.

Just a reminder, October's club meeting moves to Cloverdale - Oct 6 at 5PM-ish - If you go to Susie's on Oct. 6, I guarantee this is one Saturday when getting a seat will *not* be a problem!