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What happens in Yerington ...

Aug 6, 2012 - Forty RCB'ers braved the sweltering Nevada desert heat to convene in Yerington for the thirteenth annual Ride and Bowl. First the good news - There were no ballroom brawls or serious injuries that might embarrass the good name of the River City Beemers, but along the way ...

During our lunch stop at the Genoa Country Deli, President Gordy presented an official Ride and Bowl bowling shirt to Kim Rydalch, the ride's long suffering organizer. Emblazoned across the the front pocket is the name "Yerington Thunder," a nickname Kim will probably have to live (suffer?) with for a very long time.

Yerington seemed no different than last year ... except that most everyone was rolling 200+ games! Everyone! Seems some joker had programmed the system to accept seven pins or more as a strike. Bragging contest and wagers (some beer induced) commenced but in spite of the generous scoring, no one achieved a 300 game. Again, the beer may have had some impact.

The dinner buffet was another spectacular deal due to the group rate and afterwards conversations and laughter were heard from all over the casino. We didn't have any huge winners like Linda Stofer's jackpots last year, but our treasurer did look relieved when he walked away from the blackjack table with his original stake intact.

The following morning, the first departure was at 6AM (couldn't sleep?) with the rest continuing regularly through 9AM. RCB's financial stimulus to the community of Yerington had come to an end. 2013?

Some photos in case you missed the event.