Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


The voters have spoken

Nov 5, 2011 - After months of jetting across the country, campaigning, hand shaking and baby kissing, the candidates wrapped up their 2012 campaigns on Nov 5 during the RCB membership meeting. Ballots and pens were circulated and tenseness gripped the room until the results were announced.

Replacing retiring Fred Jewell as Club President for the 2012 term will be Gordy Olson who campaigned on a platform of “No new dues!” His acceptance speech was short and to the point “I can still do raffles, right?”

Succeeding Gordy as Club Vice-President will be Phil Sweeney and replacing retiring Lynn Clark is Lynn Yelland as Club Secretary. Rounding out the officers, Phil Wood was reelected Club Treasurer.

For the director positions, Dave Alexander, Mike Herte, Terry Lee, Greg Smith, and now former President Fred Jewell, were elected to two-year, 2012-2013 terms. They replace Phil Challinor, Tom Moe, Mike Robles, Roy Ulfsrud and Phil Sweeney who moved from director to the previously mentioned Club Vice-President position. The 2011-2012 directors, Ken Caruthers, Marv Lewis, Ray Nuguit, Rand Olson and Kim Rydalch will continue as directors for one more year.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all the departing directors who oversaw the organization during a period when activities were numerous and event attendance was record. They set the bar high and will be a hard act to follow. And to the incoming officers and directors, good luck!