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Toy Run Update

Nov 26, 2011 - The Children's Receiving Home wants us to appear at 11:00 AM, which will work out well for us to prepare for cooking lunch for everybody. This means we really don't have to leave A&S until 10:30 or so since it is only a few miles away. Ken will have a route that is as circuitous as possible to get there, and once there we need to park in the upper parking lot. If you have a toy that is too big for you to carry on the bike, or you can't make the ride you can bring it to A&S any time and drop it off in their donation box. I will be driving that day and will carry any of those toys with me. The director has told me that everyone is looking forward to us being there and especially doing the cooking, so I think it will be a wonderful day for all of us. We should finish early enough for every one to make it to the Christmas party in plenty of time. Busy day, I know, but it's for a good cause. See you there!