Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


Thanking our two favorites

Dec 1, 2012 - They're there every Saturday morning with hot coffee and a "What can I get ya?" smile. And without them our Saturday breakfasts would be noticeably different. So as a small token of our appreciation, both received Christmas tips from RCB this morning. Merry Christmas, Sonya and Miguel, and thank you!

And since there were 50 or so of us, we decided to use the occasion to conduct on December meeting. President Gordy reported a successful Planning Meeting and reminded all that we still could use a Manchester coordinator. Our treasurer reported plenty of funds to carry us through the 2013 season and membership reported 212 members.

Gordy recognized the five riders who braved this morning's storm, and then turned to business welcoming incoming Vice President Jack Klauschie, Secretary Tom Moe and Treasurer Dave Alexander, and thanked outgoing Vice President Phil Sweeney, Secretary Lynn Yelland, and Treasurer Phil Wood.

Lastly, Gordy thanked those who participated in our member survey. There will be a complete report in the January newsletter, but a quick perusal of the data suggests that 95% of us are between 50 and 70. Wow!

The December raffle will be moved to the Christmas Party (Dec 8, 6PM at A&S) this month so most riders saddled up for the challenging (?) ride to A&S for donuts before heading to today's Toy Run at the Children's Receiving Home.