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September 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

Apologies for missing the August edition of musings from the corner.

Thanks to Gordy for making reservations for the camp sites for Tahoe Chill, and getting coffee in the morning. Thanks to Lynell and Jenny for dinners and breakfast.  Weather was good, and the ride over Ebbetts Saturday was spirited despite a few sprinkles. Hello Bear and Morning Bear topped off the weekend. I confess I slept through the visit from Morning Bear. Guess I sounded like a den mate so Morning Bear wandered by my tent without taking any notice.

The software for the club web site is ancient, has not been supported for a long time, and its capabilities for organizing future events virtually was non-existent. Dedicated members of the Board have been devoting a significant amount of time working on a new web site for the club. It will be rolled out in stages as development is done and tested. The first member wide test of the web site’s new capabilities will be used for the Gary Stofer Memorial at Manchester Beach. I encourage you to use the web site to sign up. As dinner Saturday is catered, it is important that we get as accurate a count of people who plan to eat as possible. This assists the KOA folks who are doing the cooking, and hopefully your dues are not spent on meals no one eats due to an inaccurate count. I ask that you be patient if you experience difficulties, and remember the folks who are working on this are volunteering their time. If you do experience difficulties, please let us know what happened so we can try to fix it. This is your club so if you have suggestions please pass them on. Better yet, please also volunteer to implement them if approved by the Board.

I know y’all are riding and camping so please send photos and ride reports (short or long) to Larry so they can be put into the Newsletter.


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