Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


September 2015 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

As usual, this column is entitled the “President’s Corner”. It could, however, been just as accurately called the “BMW MOA Regional Coordinator’s Corner”, since I was just selected to represent the MOA in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. I was somewhat reluctant to take on this added responsibility until the MOA agreed to match my RCB salary (even though the Regional Coordinator position is really just part-time!). With a deal like that, I just had to accept the organization’s generous offer. As P.T. Barnum famously noted “There is a sucker born every minute!”

In my new position, I will get to visit all the BMW dealers and MOA Chartered Clubs in my region. The MOA will reimburse me for all of my expenses (except gas, food, lodging, and incidentals!). On those visits I will be asking the dealers and the clubs how they think the MOA can be of greater value to them. Hopefully, we can develop some programs (such as RCB’s timely renewal discount program with A&S) that will allow MOA members to recoup all or part of their annual dues. MOA headquarters is also willing to help local Chartered Clubs with “Getaway” events (including some real financial support in addition to general event guidance).

Obviously, I would love to hear any ideas (or complaints, for that matter) from my own club. If you have any ideas about how the MOA could be a more value to you, please let me know. I can offer any non-MOA member a complimentary three-month membership (including three issues of the MOA magazine). Just ask me if you are interested.

That’s enough about my new career… let’s talk events. The Beemer Bash is coming up on September 18-20 and RCB will again be handling the Poker Run for our sister club. Hopefully, we will continue the tradition of an RCB member winning the money. Of course, to win you have to play (or in this case – ride). I hope to see a lot of RCB’ers up in Quincy.

Only two weekends after the Bash, I already know a lot of RCB’ers are planning to be at the Fall Classic at Manchester Beach, beginning on October 2. Jack “The Other Lawyer” Weiglein has already posted a list on the Forum and made all the arrangements with the folks at the KOA. In addition to our monthly meeting and bigger-than-usual-raffle on Saturday night, Fred’s famous Bloody Marys will also be available.

Finally, November is election time. Not for President of the United States – that’s not until November 2016 – but for President of the RCB! If any of you are getting that itch to serve, now is the time to make your candidacy public. I am certain that many, if not most, of you must be getting a little tired of me as RCBPREZ and I am certainly ready to turn the RCBPREZ vanity plate over to someone else. Start thinking about running yourself or, failing that, thinking about convincing someone you think would be a good successor to do so.

Likewise, if someone wants to try his or her hand as Rafflemeister, I would be happy to have my name on the RCB debit card replaced with that of a new Rafflemeister. This is actually a really fun position, since you are spending someone else’s money on things you would like to buy for yourself.

Whether or not you run for either (or both) office(s), ride safely, courteously, excitedly and – only when appropriate -- WILDLY!