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RCB FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

May 28, 2012 - New members always express surprise and amazement at our organizational expertise and efficiency. They marvel at the number of events, the quality of events and the planning skills of the organizers. They probably think we're *that* good!

Well, we are, but the truth be known we operate under a set of strict rules codified into our official RCB FAQ years ago. Yes, I know it's sacrilegious to acknowledge we have rules, but c'mon, even Hannibal crossing the Alps had some rules.

For new members, and for all you gray-beards at Susie's, the RCB FAQ is available on this website under the "About RCB" button. It should be mandatory reading. Click below if you haven't read it in a while.

Official RCB FAQ

- Phantom FAQmeister


(Ed. Note: The The Phantom FAQmeister has been sedated and is resting quietly. We apologize for the interruption and return you to your regularly scheduled Memorial Day programming.)