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RCB adopts new logo

Nov 5, 2011 - Earlier this year, as part of a world-wide strategy to protect their brand, BMW tightened up brand and logo licensing. The unfortunate side effect of their action was that enthusiast clubs, both car and motorcycle, whose logo infringed upon BMW’s brand, were asked to change their logo. Our original River City Beemer logo needed to be revised.

The old logo was just about as old as the club. Sacramento Bee political cartoonist, Jim Babcock, also one of our founding members, had drawn the original logo in his spare time and donated it to the club. For thirty years, it graced our newsletter, website as well as t-shirts, caps and banners.

The board asked interested parties and volunteers to step up and assist. Several did and last month the board received a total of nine submissions. From that, they whittled it down to the three best which were presented to the membership at the November member meeting. None of the options received 50% of the vote so a run-off was held between the top two. In the end, one with RIVER CITY BEEMERS and SACRAMENTO framing a stylized motorcycle won. A Bavarian themed version of our RCB Sticker came in a very close second.

RCB has no formal schedule for phasing in the new logo except that BMW has asked for year-end compliance. So expect to see the new logo by then on this newsletter, the website, member badges and our online merchandise store. RCB will continue to remember the old logo with 30-year anniversary pins (Have you picked yours up yet?) and a logo history page on our website.

So … do you need to destroy all your old logo t-shirts and hats? Of course not! BMW’s action extends to corporate entities (dealers, resellers and clubs) but not to individuals. You can wear that old t-shirt until … well … your wife throws it out.

The old logo lasted 30 years. Wonder what our logo will look like in 2041, thirty years from now …