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Our New Two-Wheeler

Aug 1, 2012 - Yesterday, our new two-wheeler was welcomed into the world by her proud parents. Weighing in at ~1000 lbs and 10'x6' (give or take), she's the newest newest addition to our RCB family and will soon be accompanying us to many of our overnight destinations.

Believe it or not, purchasing a trailer has been an objective for some time. As a club, we own roughly 200 cu. ft. of camping materials, coolers, stoves and coffee pots. Storing it, and being able to haul it to Cloverdale and the like, has always been a bit of a struggle for the club. So we decided to buy a trailer. Waiting until the perfect one came up on the market was the challenge.

So here she is - After she gets a bath, we're going to try to paint/adhere a logo on her. Isn't she just a beauty?