Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


October 2016 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

As I sit down to write my next-to-penultimate PrezCorner, I am thinking about all the good times that I have had in this club over the past ten years.   There is something very special about a group of guys and gals that is so committed to motorcycling and to each other.  It makes me consider rethinking my decision to step down as president after this year – NOT!!!

This weekend – when almost 100 of us will be gathered at Manchester – would be the perfect time for someone to announce his (or her!) intention to be our next president.  The position comes with all of the pomp and circumstance of the U.S. Presidency without the need to debate either The Donald or The Hillary.  At least think about it. 

If no one steps forward, then I will contact both the Trump and Clinton campaigns to see if they are interested in having the RCB Presidency serve as the consolation prize for the loser of the upcoming general election.  Their answers will tell us just how desperate the loser is to be president of something, even if it can’t be the United States of America!

Even those who are not interested in being our next club president (and there are apparently a lot of you out there!) can still help with club events.  Our annual planning meeting is just around the corner on November 20.  Start thinking now about events you would like to see in 2017 and about ways you could help make them happen.  We depend a lot on a relatively small number of members to organize and operate our club.  Let’s try to expand that group of active members in the years to come.

On a more serious and somber note…. there were two fatal accidents this year involving riders on their way to the Beemer Bash in Quincy.  One rider went off Buck’s Lake Road late at night and the other rear-ended a trailer making a turn in front of him.  We should never lose sight of the potential dangers that come with motorcycling.  We should all recommit ourselves to keeping our riding skills sharp through training and practice.  We should all continue our commitment to never drink and ride.  We should all continue to wear all the gear all the time.   We should not be afraid to offer advice to other riders if we see them doing potentially dangerous things.  I know that we will all keep riding.  Let’s make sure that we do it responsibly and safely.  I want to be riding with you guys for many years after my time as your president is over.

See you all up in Manchester!