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October 2013 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

Fall has officially arrived, so it’s time to redirect our attention from riding (summer style) to riding (autumn style).  Please note that I did not recommend riding in “fall style” as that may have been misinterpreted by some as a PREZidential directive to just “Lay ‘er down!” rather than applying the brakes with force, skill, and confidence.

RCB organized the Poker Run at the Beemer Bash up in Quincy and I am glad to report that one of our own – Jeff Conrad-Forrest – rode away with the top prize!!  Attendance was down somewhat at the rally itself, perhaps reflecting a sluggish economy or simply a declining interest in rallying among younger riders.  RCB was well represented, as always, and those of us who attended had a grand old time.  No good deed goes unpunished, so we will be handling the Poker Run again in 2014.

This month marks our return to Manchester Beach for the annual Fall Classic!  We can argue/debate/discuss the wisdom of our current plan to alternate annually between the KOA’s in Manchester Beach and in Cloverdale after we return from the coast.  Many of us like the variety, while others feel loyal to one KOA or the other.  Please let me (or one of the other Board members) know your preference so we can “give your opinion all due consideration”.  (That’s the sort of diplomatic language I used for 25 years so I could firmly commit to something without really committing to anything!  As we used to say in the diplomacy business:  “Sincerity is the key.  Once you can fake that, the rest is easy.”)  Once we have reviewed the opinions of all our members, I will make a completely unbiased decision on how to proceed in future years, based solely on my personal whims and prejudices.

Amid the ongoing debates about debt ceilings, Obamacare, et al., it is also the height of the political season for the RCB.  November 2 is RCB Election Day (as well as our regular monthly meeting and raffle) and we are still looking for members interested in serving on the Board of Directors.  All the current officers are standing for re-election, but any else who is interested in becoming an officer is most welcome to enter the fray.  Several Board members have decided to go into semi-retirement, so we definitely need a few of you to step up and run for those spots.  Our club cannot function effectively without an active and committed Board of Directors.

The annual RCB Christmas Party/Elf Gathering is scheduled for December 7 at A&S.  It’s time to polish those pointed shoes, iron your tights, and dust off your red and white striped vests!  As Santa says: The more elves, the merrier!

Ride often, ride with a purpose, ride with your friends, and enjoy the experience.  Riding in a car is like watching a movie.  Riding a motorcycle is like being in the movie!