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November 2017 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

We hear a lot about freedom.
Yet, our lives are so highly regulated it is hard to know what it means to be free. If a bill payment is “received” a nanosecond late, a computer assesses a hefty late fee even though we have no influence, much less control, over how these transactions are handled, more probably manipulated. We must authorize unprecedented access to our private lives by clicking “Accept Terms” we never would give to a stranger in a face-to-face conversation. Legislatures enact laws and regulations that mandate where, when and whether we can ____ (fill in the blank) at a pace that makes thinking people wonder if any rational human behavior is untouched. I do not like these trends, but there does not appear to be much I can do about it.

To make matters more complicated, traditional adult roles are changing, and not always comfortably.

As Kevin Cameron wrote: “We need time to be ourselves. Because otherwise there may be no self to be.”

No doubt I must abide by basic traffic laws and the knowledge motorists are trying to kill me, but my refuge, my personal space is the place I go mentally, physically and emotionally when I am riding. This is the time and place I can rediscover myself, and recommit to be the self I strive to be.

Motorcycling is about how these machines make us feel. Get out there and feel it for yourself.

My favorite ride is the one I’m about to start.



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