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November 2016 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

Well, it’s that time already… ELECTION DAYs are almost upon us. The campaigns have seemingly gone on forever, but the ends are near. Soon we will all know who will be our next Commander-in-Chief and who will be the titular leader of our club. Whoever they are, the two presidents (one of the USA and one of the RCB) will inherit both problems and possibilities from their predecessors.

On the national front, we have a candidate promising to “Make America Great Again!” Since there is no similar call to “Make RCB Great Again!” it appears that our club must already be doing just fine. All we need is someone to step forward and accept the responsibility of the office and promise to “Just Keep RCB Great”!

Remember, in addition to complimentary early-bird seating at our monthly meetings, the RCB Presidency comes with the “RCBPREZ” vanity plate and the undying gratitude of the larger membership. I am really hoping that someone nominates him/herself or someone else at or before the November monthly meeting. The other Board members and Directors have all agreed to stand for re-election, so the incoming president will have a ready-made and experienced support team. Of the two presidencies up for grabs this month, there is no doubt that the RCB Presidency is the more attractive job and is far less prone to partisan bickering and other political nonsense.

Early voting has already begun in both the national and RCB elections. On the national side, the early voting appears to be fairly evenly divided. On the RCB side, the one early vote cast (by yours truly!) has “ANYONE ELSE BUT ME!” as the early leader in the voting. When all the votes are tallied on November 5, we will have ourselves a new RCB president!!! When all the votes are tallied on November 8, some poor soul will have won the almost impossible job of Leader of the Free World. I wish Hillary or The Donald the best of luck in that monumental endeavor. I am 100% confident that the entire RCB membership will rally behind whoever is elected on November 5. I only wish I could say that I am equally confident that the entire population of our great nation will do the same behind the winner on November 8.

Regardless of your political persuasion, please vote on both days – both the club and the country need your input.

The planning meeting to set up the 2017 events calendar is scheduled for November 20 at 5:00pm at the Round Table Pizza on Madison and Greenback in Folsom. All members are welcome to attend, eat some free pizza, and share their ideas for events and rides for next year. The BMWMOA National Rally will be in Salt Lake City, Utah in mid-July and I am counting on us finally winning the plaque for the club with the most attendees. We just missed in 2015 at the rally in Billings, Montana. Let’s make this RCB’s year!

That’s it for my penultimate President’s Corner!

Ride safely and vote early and often!!!!