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New Date for the Annual Toy Run!

Instead of trying to have our monthly meeting, the toy run and our Christmas dinner all on the same day, we have moved the toy run to Saturday, November 23. This date does not conflict with either our holiday dinner or the Thanksgiving weekend, and has been approved by the Children's Receiving Home. We will once again be cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids, the staff, (and us too) as part of the toy run, so those who want to help flip burgers please look for a sign up on the forum soon. The administrator told us that if you like to give toys please feel free to do so; the kids love getting them. They currently don't have any very young children, so they need things more for school aged kids - Legos, remote control cars, makeup kits, lotions, sweat pants and shirts, and as always, gift cards to movies, fast food, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. The kids are there due to circumstances beyond their control, and many of them arrive with no more than the clothes on their back, so anything we can do for them is welcomed by all. Looking forward to seeing all those kids enjoying the BBQ lunch! See you there!