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May 2016 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

May is shaping up to be a very busy month!
If past years are any indication, then a substantial number of RCB’ers will be participating in this year’s Lois Lewis Memorial Poker Run.  The Poker Run is the Club’s only “bittersweet” event, where we have an opportunity both to miss Lois’s presence and to honor her legacy.  As usual, there will be a terrific meal served at the Sweeney’s after the ride.  As soon as you finish reading this, go mark your calendar for May 7, departing from A&S at 9:00 or so after our monthly meeting and raffle at Sonya’s (oops, I meant at Susie’s).

Just a week after the Poker Run, we are off to the Trinity KOA for the annual Spring Classic!  The “inconvenient truth” that a large piece of California Highway 3 (right between Weaverville and the KOA) slid into the lake earlier this year will not deter us from riding and partying as usual.  The event organizers have figured out an alternative route.  This year, we will be approaching the KOA from the north rather than from the south (rumor has it that we will be close to Portland, OR at one point on the ride).  New roads leading to old destinations are always welcome.  Also welcome is the beer and chili feed offered on Saturday night.  We will have to figure out alternative fueling plans since the Weaverville Chevron is unreachable from the KOA until CalTrans finally gets Highway 3 put back together.

Skip ahead two more weeks and it is time for the 49’er Rally down in Mariposa.  This hearty perennial always draws a crowd from RCB and from our sister clubs.  We have all ridden most of the possible routes to Mariposa multiple times.  That said, they are still great motorcycle roads and we are lucky to live so close to them and to have the opportunity to enjoy them often.

On the Club news side of things… the Board of Directors is finally getting serious about securing “officers and directors” insurance for the Board.  I know that the absence of such protection has discouraged some members from serving on the board.  Hopefully, that impediment will be removed sometime this year.  Our financial situation is fine and we are tracking closely with the budget projections for event costs and membership revenue.  The raffle continues to be “revenue-neutral” with the income generated covering the costs of the prizes awarded.  As always, if members have ideas for raffle prizes -- let the Rafflemeister hear from you.

Prime riding season is just around the corner.  Ken is back in the saddle again (on a GS, no less!).  Life is good!