Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


May 2015 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

I am typing this message to our membership despite suffering from a severe case of “Glock Thumb” that would incapacitate a less devoted scribe.  Glock Thumb (or “GT” as it is known in medical circles) is the well-documented condition that results from firing too many rounds from a Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistol in rapid succession.  That particular weapon’s slide just keep whacking your thumb and the next day you just want to go shoot some more!!!  I contracted my most recent case of GT at the RCB’s inaugural “Ride ‘n’ Shoot” event at Beale AFB.

A dozen or so hearty Rambo-wannabes followed Roseville/Rocklin Rick (the event organizer) on an absolutely “Ken-worthy” route from Susie’s to the base and then happily fired away for several hours.  Both experts and novices were welcome and everyone had a great time.  Except for the damage done to the silhouette targets, there were no injuries or other mishaps.  Sadly, RCB’ers who missed the event are permanently out of luck, since there will never be another inaugural Ride ‘n’ Shoot event.  Happily, the event is being replaced by the new annual RCB Ride ‘n’ Shoot in 2016 and subsequent years so everyone gets another chance!  Special thanks to Rick and Range Security Officers Ray and Mike for organizing the event and for their patience, guidance, and instruction.

The Lois Lewis Memorial Poker Run is this month’s featured event.  The ride gives us a chance to remember one of our most dedicated and valued members.  All of us who knew Lois will always have that wonderful picture in our hearts of Lois and the little pooch in the sidecar as they piled up the miles with Marv.  We miss you. RIP, Lois.

The “Timely Renewal Discount Program” is generally going well, but there have been a few minor hiccups that need to be addressed.  The way the plan works (or at least is supposed to work) is that members who renew their annual memberships during the month they are due receive 10% off at A&S on parts, accessories and apparel during the subsequent month.  The mechanics of the program involve the Club’s membership director and the staff at A&S compiling the list of names that the A&S staff then enters into the shop’s computer system to make the discount automatic for the appropriate period.  Like all systems, this one is imperfect at times and until the names are in the computer it is not possible for the salespeople at A&S to confirm your discount.  On occasion, a member has renewed in a timely way but after the initial list for that month has already been transmitted to A&S.  In cases like that, the discount month may be delayed to the following month when the paperwork gets all caught up.  Both the Club and A&S are committed to making certain that every member that renews on time gets a full month’s worth of discounts.  The best way to insure that you are eligible when you think you are is to check the Forum on the RCB website where Mike Herte of A&S posts a list of names and dates for the discount program each month.  If you are not on that list, then you will not be in the A&S computer.  If you feel you were omitted for any reason, then contact either the Membership Director (Ray Nuguit) or yours truly, RCBPREZ, before you go to A&S expecting to get a deal.  One of us will figure out the problem and get you a month’s discount as soon as we are able.  We do not want the program to become a hassle for A&S.  Remember -- if you are not 100% sure that A&S is ready for you to save your 10% – please call Ray or me before heading over to A&S!!

Reminder:  The Spring Classic at the Trinity Lake KOA is coming up at the end of the month.  Please sign up on the Forum so we know how many campers to expect.  There are also directions on how a reserve a KOA Kabin at a discounted rate.  The Stofers will be there with their RCB food truck to provide breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  This was a great event last year and I expect this year’s to be even better.  Mark your calendars for May 29-31.  It is a great opportunity to revisit Highways 36 and 299, among others.

Ride safely, share the lane (it’s legal!) and look twice for cages (they are everywhere!).