Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


May 2014 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

May is shaping up to be quite an exciting month to be an RCB’er!   The month opens with the fourth annual Lois Lewis Memorial Poker Run, giving us all a chance to honor the memory of one of our most beloved members.   Marv and Lois (and their little four-legged buddy, of course!) logged more miles in a year than an entire Harley club does in a decade.  The month ends with the inaugural Spring Classic (AKA the “Trinity Rendezvous”) with over 70 participants already registered.  It looks like June will have quite a tough act to follow.

The big news in April was the launching of the new line of RCB-logo’ed running apparel.  This groundbreaking new high-performance clothing line debuted at the 2014 Boston Marathon.  Sonya Hale, our featured runner, completed the marathon in 4 hours and 36 minutes in her stunning color-coordinated RCB outfit.  Her time was the fastest marathon finishing time by an RCB-sponsored runner in the Club’s history and that is – as they say in Boston – WICKED COOL!   With its total of 27,143 runners, NIKE had more athletes wearing its logo than RCB did.   Our course, NIKE paid the expenses of all its athletes to convince them to wear their gear, while we simply provided Sonya with the running outfit and our heartiest best wishes.  In fairness, our business plan did not call for us to unseat NIKE as the most popular outfitter during our initial year in the sports apparel game.  That said, we clearly got NIKE President Phil Knight’s attention and he looked quite nervous at the post-race news conference when pressed about the apparent likelihood of RCB’s up and coming clothing line surpassing his own in the near future.   The good news is that while we trailed NIKE, we had more runners displaying our logo than BMW MOA, BMW RA, Central Cal BMW, NorCal BMW, and the Gold Country Riders combined!!!   

We are still looking for someone (or some group) to step up and offer to organize the food at this year’s Fall Classic at Manchester Beach in October.  If we don’t get any volunteers we will simply hold a raffle to select someone to purchase and prepare all the food at his or her own expense.  Each member of the Club will get one free raffle ticket and additional tickets can be purchased for $10.00 each (to give to someone else to increase that person’s chance of “winning”).  BUT SERIOUSLY, FOLKS………if we don’t get a volunteer we will still go to Manchester as scheduled for the camping, the camaraderie, and the monthly meeting and raffle, but everyone will be on his or her own for food.

The first ever GPS training class (held jointly with CentralCal and NorCal BMW clubs) was a big success with over 40 participants.  The fact that I and several other trainees got lost on the way home should in no way reflect badly on Ken or the other instructors.  Their chances of successfully training us were constrained by the old adage that “You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken sh-t!”

Summer is almost here – ride even more often, even harder, even safer, and even farther!