Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


May 2013 President's Corner

Apr 24, 2013 - We are now coming into the prime riding season and those of us with new bikes (and there are quite of few of us!) are even more excited than usual about testing ourselves and our mounts against the area’s twistiests! Every time we throw a leg over we have to marvel at how lucky we are to live and ride in Northern California. Whether you enter the BMW mileage contest or not, commit to riding more often, longer, smarter, and more safely this year than you did last year.

This month brings one of the Club’s favorite – and most bittersweet – events: The Lois Lewis Memorial Poker Run. I hope everyone plans to be there on May 11 to honor Lois’s memory by sharing a great day in the saddle with friends. I really meant to get a sidecar rig for this year’s event but that new GS just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. As always, there will be a great route with a delicious picnic lunch and prizes at the end of the road. There is a sign-up sheet on the website.

It won’t be long before we are off to Fernley, Nevada for this year’s Skills Improvement Day. Vice President Klauschie has been working tirelessly to set up this event – scheduled for June 23 – and it looks like it is going to be our best track day ever. Remember, this is not a race. What it is is a great opportunity to fine-tune our skills at a venue that lacks a lot of things – no cross traffic, no gravel-laced corners, no oncoming trucks, no wayward deer, no pedestrians or bicyclists, and no speed limits! However, what it lacks in aggravations, it more than makes up for in potentials – the potential to work on precise cornering, the potential to hone your braking skills to a racer’s edge, and the potential to safely explore the limits of your ABS, ESA, ASC, GPS and other alphabetical gizmos! We have let our neighboring brother and sister clubs know about the event, but want to ensure that every RCB member that wants to participate gets to do so. Please register early to avoid being shut out as the event will probably be a sell-out. All the details are on the RCB website and our beloved Veep is always available to answer any questions you might have.

I plan to continue to offer BMWMOA Super Sweepstakes tickets as the “big” prizes at our monthly raffle both this month and in June.  While the Rafflemeister in me just hates to repeat prizes, the Oddsmaker in me just can’t resist the wonderfully attractive odds that the Sweepstakes offers for some incredible prizes. How cool would it be if an RCB’er actually parlayed one of our $5 monthly raffle tickets into a brand new $25,000 K1600GT along with an additional $5,000 to spend on farkles and riding gear? IT COULD HAPPEN and I want to give us all as many opportunities as possible to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Ride often, ride hard, ride safely, wear ALL your gear, use ALL your gears, and ride with your buddies!