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March 2016 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

It is hard to believe that this is already the March President’s Corner.   Time is certainly flying by.  I hope everyone is taking the time the smell the roses along the side of the road as you zoom by them.  Every so often it is a good idea to pull over, turn the bike off, take off your helmet and gloves, and actually spend some quality time enjoying all the roadside “roses” – both the literal ones and the metaphorical ones.  Motorcycling is a great way to explore, but we should try to be active explorers not just passing spectators.

On a somewhat related theme……we really need to get more club members to take an active role in the club’s activities.  Ken’s very welcome recovery means he will probably be back to his accustomed role as our RideMeister sooner rather than later.  During his absence we have all come to realize just how much he did for us all each month in planning and organizing our rides.  But even when Ken is fully recovered, it is probably unfair to expect him to shoulder the same burden he has taken on in the past.  It is time for others to step up and volunteer to organize a monthly ride or two.  Planning a ride can be as simple as selecting an existing route from the Club’s archives and then offering to serve as the ride leader.  Alternatively, planning a completely new route to one of your own hidden or favorite destinations will add welcome variety to our riding menu.  Either way, don’t wait for someone else to volunteer for one of the upcoming months – do it yourself!!!  We have monthly rides already planned for June, July, August, and October.   Pick one of the remaining months and come up with a route.

Do any of you like to go shopping with someone else’s credit card???  If so, you have the sole qualification necessary to replace me as RaffleMeister.  I am finding it increasingly difficult to come up with fresh ideas for the monthly raffle.  I blame this case of “Rafflemeister’s Block” on the fact that I have been buying the prizes for 70 months in a row.  When I woke up one morning and realized I had been dreaming of the Aerostich catalog I figured that it must be time to find a successor.  If you think you might like to try buying the prizes for an upcoming raffle (to test out your purchasing acumen), let me know and I will get you authorized on the Club debit card.

As much as I appreciate the nearly perfect riding weather we have been having, I would like all of us to do a little rain dance and/or say a little rain prayer for El Nino to make a reappearance.  February has been as disappointing (rain-wise) as January was promising.  Here’s to those (March and) April showers and subsequent May flowers!

Ride safely and think of a way to support our club!