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Lane Splitting News

June 20, 2012 - A recently published report from the California Office of Traffic Safety regarding Lane Splitting contains some relevant data for California motorcycle riders. The OTS surveyed 733 drivers in 12 Northern and Southern California counties, including Sacramento county, to compile the results.

Probably the most surprising statistic is that only 52.9% of the drivers are aware lane splitting is legal in California (Table 5). Also unexpected was that 5.3 percent of the drivers claim to have hit (or been hit) by a lane splitting motorcycle (Table 12).

Moving to opinions, 63.4% of the surveyed driver disapprove of lane splitting (Table 24), and when asked why they disagree, the answers ranged from "unsafe" to "might cause an accident" (Table 26).

Not surprising to those of us who do take advantage of lane splitting, is 7.3% of the respondents acknowledged trying to block lane splitting motorcycles (Table 29). Here the most frequently cited reasons were "It's unsafe", "Could cause an accident" and "It's unfair" (Table 30).

The document is 16 pages and should be of interest to lane splitting RCB riders: