Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


June 2014 President’s Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

I need to get this monthly column completed quickly so I can go out in the backyard and practice putting up the new tent that I got for our inaugural Spring Classic/Trinity Rendezvous this weekend!  With over 70 people expected to attend, the Rendezvous is already challenging the Fall Classic as the Club’s most popular event.

 Clearly, the Rocklin Boys have a great sense of what the members want and need when it comes to additional events on the calendar.  Accordingly, I have officially designated them as the Standing Committee to Review Events With Upside Potential (“SCREW UPs” for short).  I am sure that the next Newsletter will include pictures and tall tales from Trinity (even if our Esteemed Editor, Bob Lawrence, has to send out a special correspondent from Back East to cover it).

As if the Rendezvous weren’t enough, the annual Oyster Run and Campout is scheduled for the very next weekend.  There appears to be no limit to the amount of fun and mileage that RCB’ers crave.  For those planning to head down to the Marshall Store to slurp oysters, I need to point out that the scientific community is still split on whether eating oysters really does improve the mileage one can expect from new tires.  Even if the old adage (Eat fish – LIVE longer: Eat oysters – RIDE longer!) is just a (tail)pipe dream there are still plenty of reasons to go on the ride!!

Some of you may have already seen the glowing review that Motorcycle Consumer News gave to the compression base layers just released by Twisted Core.  The folks at MCN really loved these new riding undies saying that “[they] can’t recommend them highly enough.” (NB:  MCN does not accept any advertising, so its reviews are not prejudiced by potential increases or decreases in ad revenues.)  I got a set of XL’s from the company (gratis) and will award to them to a lucky (appropriately sized!) door prize winner at the Rendezvous.  A full set (both long and short bottoms and a long sleeve top) will be the “big prize” at the June monthly raffle.  Also, the company is offering the Club a 20% discount if we can get a group order of at least 50 items or more.  The list prices ($59.99 for the tops and $49.99 for the bottoms) are already comparable to other brands (Under Armor, etc.) that are not specifically designed for motorsports and they are “Made in the USA”.   With the discount, a top and bottom set would be only $88!   I will work out the admin details and get something on the Forum to see if we can take advantage of the company’s offer.

We will be going back to Railroad Flat for a July 4th picnic (on July 5th)!  There are lots of great roads in the area and Prez 2.1 will have all the sandwich fixin’s and cold beverages there.  One of my baseball teammates has a very nice 40-acre ranchette and is happy to host us again this.  He can’t promise there will be any water in his pond due to the drought, but he has plenty of other diversions (horses, chickens, walking trails, etc.) to amuse us.

Last bit of advice:  Ride……ride…….ride……then ride some more!