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June 2013 President's Corner

President’s Corner by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

Where to begin???……….There is a lot going on in and around the Club, so my corner may be somewhat larger than normal, but please bear with me.

Last month I fully intended to sing the praises of Kim Rydalch, our outgoing Newsletter Editor.  However, Kim is as modest as he is capable so he edited out all the wonderful things I said about him.  Now that Bob Lawrence has assumed the editorial throne, there is nothing Kim can do to stop me!  Kim was everything one could hope for in an editor:  he was diligent (not a single typo in 14 years); he was creative (no repeat stories in 14 years); he was self-sufficient (168 stories authored in 14 years); and he was very economical (no paychecks in 14 years).  That’s what I call an editor.  Thank you, Kim, for your long and illustrious service.  Bob clearly has big motorcycle boots to fill but I am fully confident that he’s got the feet to do it.  Bob is especially interested in receiving articles on and photographs of Club events.  RCB’ers are encouraged to kick start their own journalism careers by supplying Bob with grist for his editorial mill.

We held our third annual Lois Lewis Memorial Poker Run on May 11 and it was a wonderful tribute to one of our most beloved members.  Phil and Mary Sweeney opened their house (and their entire cul-de-sac) to us with a great meal after a great ride.  Phil also proudly displayed his new ride – a sort of Darth Vader-esque mobile death star!  Someone else won the poker money, but other than that it was a perfect, albeit bittersweet, day.  Lois remains in our hearts.

Our sort-of-annual skills improvement event (AKA “track day”) is coming up fast (pun intended!).  Veep Jack has done a lot of work setting up the event with instructors for all levels; a BBQ lunch; and an absence of pedestrians, bicyclists, and radar traps.  Check the Forum for a firsthand report from Jack after his recent outing to Fernley Raceway (site of the June 23rd event) as well as a special offer!  Then sign up for the event as soon as you finish reading The Corner!

Mark July 6th on your calendars!  Our monthly Club ride will end in the foothills in Railroad Flat.  A baseball buddy of mine has offered his 40-acre horse farm as a site for the soon-to-be-annual Club Summer Picnic!  The roads around the farm are spectacular and the farm offers a pond, walking trails, and sandwich fixin’s from Fred Jewell, the event organizer.  There is ample (dead level) parking and only the last 200 yards or so (up the driveway) will be off-road.  Luckily, I can just pop my new GS into “Enduro Pro” mode and then fearlessly duck walk my Water Buff up the driveway.  If you don’t want to sit on the ground (or on a tree stump), you should bring a blanket and/or your Kermit chair (Pico or other chairs are acceptable as emergency substitutions).

July also means that it is BMW MOA rally time!  I hope we have a large contingent heading up to Salem because at least one of us is almost certain to win a new bike in the MOA Super Sweepstakes.  In addition to the tickets individual club members bought, there will be six lucky folks who won their MOA raffle ticket at an RCB raffle.  Think how proud you will make your Humble Rafflemeister when they call out your winning number!!


Speaking of raffle tickets……..beginning at the June monthly meeting, everyone who brings his/her badge to the meeting (or who is genuinely remorseful that they lost it or forgot it at home) now gets TWO free raffle tickets.  If one does the math -- and I certainly hope one does – one will quickly realize that perfect monthly attendance for the year (i.e., making all 12 meetings) results in one receiving enough free tickets to completely cover the meager annual dues one pays to remain a member in good standing.  One is a very lucky person, isn’t one????

Finally, it is not too early to be thinking about the annual Ride ‘n’ Bowl trip scheduled for August 3-4 in Yerington, NV.  Call the Yerington Inn to book your room and then just let the Club take care of all the other arrangements.  Continuing our tradition, two more members will join the official sartorial ranks of the River City Beemer Bowlers by winning “RCB-squared” bowling shirts at the July meeting, just before we set off for lunch in Genoa.  

That’s it for now……I have to go out and wash and polish the GS……….NOT!!!!

Ride hard but safely, often but not excessively, and always with your buddies (except when you really need to be alone).