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July 2016 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

Boy, is it hot!!  Summer is definitely here in all its 100-degree-plus glory.  Fortunately, all of us have properly vented jackets and pants, summer gloves, cooling vests and/or sleeves, and Camelbacks, so we can continue to ride whatever the temperature.  I suppose that in a real pinch, there is always the option of jumping into an air-conditioned cage.  There is no excuse for riding without the proper protective gear.  As the saying goes:  If you think it is simply too hot to put on all of your gear, then it is simply too hot to ride!

As usual, the Railroad Flat picnic will kick off the summer season.  The “Summer in July” toy run for our friends at the Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home follows later in the month.  Then, at month’s end, we are off to Yerington, NV, to punish some bowling pins wearing our every-so-fashionable “RCB Squared” custom bowling shirts! 

The BMW Riders’ Association (BMWRA) is holding a special event at Laguna Seca this year instead of its traditional national rally.  The event is tied to the 100th Anniversary of BMW celebration.   The RA activities will be held August 25-28.  Pre-registration for the event ends on August 7.  Camping space is limited, so register early.  Maybe we can get a group together to ride down to Monterey and enjoy the festivities.  Nate Kern will be there along with exhibits of classic BMW bikes and automobiles.  Save the dates!!

There will also be a somewhat smaller event at A&S on August 20 celebrating the 100th Anniversary.  BMW MOA is providing money for refreshments and A&S will be hosting its vintage bike show that day.  It should be fun and offers yet another opportunity for RCB’ers to get some free food!  I have always believed that we are really just “an eating club with a riding problem”!

We had a quite a good crop of club members up in John Day, OR, for the Chief Joseph Rally this year.  The weather cooperated (mostly) and the roads up there were beautiful.  Ray T. made an unscheduled visit to Bend, OR (in the rain and in the dark, no less!) to replace a tire when he cut a sidewall hitting a rock just outside of John Day.  That little hiccup was the only bad news and two RCB’ers managed to win prizes at the event finale!  All in all, it was a great trip and hopefully we will be able to convince the faint-hearted who backed out this year to attend next year.  (For a full list of those who were not weatherproof/manly enough to attend this year contact RCBPREZ discreetly!)

Ride cool!