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July 2015 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

It is hard to believe but 2015 is already one half over!! It’s time to check your odometer to make certain that you are on pace for at least 10,000 miles this year. (Here’s a hint if you are unsure of how well you are doing: Take your mileage for the calendar year so far and multiply that number by 2 to figure out your anticipated annual mileage.) If it looks like you are not going to reach 10,000 miles at your current pace, THEN PICK UP YOUR PACE!!!!

One obvious way to pad your mileage total – while still getting to hang out with a lot of very familiar faces – is to join your RCB buddies up in Billings, MT for the BMW MOA National Rally later this month. Even if you just go straight there and straight back you will be looking at adding about 2,200 miles. If you have some fun going up, more fun coming back, and even more while you are there, you could easily make that 4,000 miles. Check your tires now and order new ones for installation here or up in Billings, if needed, because those contact patches are really very small and they need to be in good shape to help insure your safety.

As we get closer to the rally dates (July 23-26 for the rally itself), there will be postings on the RCB Forum about departure dates, suggested routes, places to stay en route, etc... The idea is to develop (more or less) organized groups of manageable size to accommodate everyone’s schedules and route preferences. Here’s an example: Al Morrison and I (and at least one other guy so far) are planning to leave Sac’to early on Wednesday, July 22 and head to Jackpot, NV (staying at Club 93) and then on to Billings on Thursday, July 23. That is about 550 miles each day and is as direct a route as possible. We are going to take our sweet time coming back (four or five days) with an overnight in Missoula, MT; a day riding the roads in and around the Lolo Pass; on to Pendleton, Oregon or perhaps to Hell’s Canyon (plans are still fluid); then back home through Alturas. I know others are planning on leaving earlier in the week and going through Paonia, CO (or was it through Peoria, IN??) on the way. Those of you who have started thinking about dates and routes (and don’t mind some additional company) should post your plans on the Forum to see who else might be interested in joining your merry band. We have a reservation for Charter Club group camping area at the rally, so we will all end up at the same place!! BTW: I have already gotten Randy to clear a space on the wall at A&S for our anticipated certificate for the most riders from a single club at the rally.

Some of us went to Mike Ledbetter’s ranchette last weekend for the BBQ and Rope Swing Extravaganza. Since the event was wedged into the schedule at the last minute there were not as many folks as we had hoped. NO PROBLEM……Mike has graciously offered his place as the destination for the September club ride (September 5 after the meeting and raffle) and the rope swing will still be there! I am thinking about having Speedos and string bikinis as raffle prizes for that meeting. Check out Jack Weiglein’s Facebook page for a video that he posted of Mike’s gorgeous place.

Have a great Fourth of July (hope to see a lot of you at the RCB picnic in Railroad Flat) and – remember - make your plans for Billings and share them on the Forum.