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July 2014 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

Summer is officially here, so there is no longer any seasonally-related reason to limit your riding.  Put that heated vest away, dig out the mesh jacket you stuck in the back of the closet last September and get out there and ride.  But seriously, folks…I just wanted to rant a little, knowing perfectly well that RCB’ers do not actually need any encouragement to ride in July (or, for that matter, in January or any other month!). 

The Spring Classic definitely lived up to its name and should become a regular fixture on our annual events calendar.  If you were unlucky enough to have missed this year’s inaugural Classic then go to the RCB website and check out the pictures of the fun you would have had.  The members of the Special Committee to Review Events With Upside Potential (the “SCREWUPs”) left their lairs in Rocklin and did a magnificent job organizing this event.  About seventy RCB’ers were there to enjoy the riding and the camaraderie.  Hope to see even more riders in 2015!

Del Christiansen, a BMW and RawHyde off-road riding instructor, has offered to prior some free (yes, I said “FREE”!) rider training to the Club.  Although the training is primarily focused on off-road riding, Del assures me that a lot of the techniques are valuable on the pavement as well.  The first (on-pavement) session will be in the A&S parking area on Sunday, July 27, starting at 9am.  The class is limited to fifteen participants and the sign up list is on the RCB website (on the Forum).   Del will also do a follow-up training session at the Prairie City facility later this summer that will actually be off-road!  I will have more on that session later.

Mike Pordes (the guy who spoke about ear protection at our last monthly meeting) has agreed to come back on a Saturday and measure interested RCB’ers for custom ear protection.  Once we have decided on the exact date I will get word out to members through the RCB website and an e-mail blast.  The folks at Susie’s have agreed to let us hang around one Saturday after breakfast for the first “RCB EarFest”!   I will let everyone know once we finalize the date.  It will be a Saturday in July or August (starting at about 9am after we eat and going until everyone’s ears are protected).   Don’t worry -- this event will not conflict with either the July monthly ride (the Railroad Flat picnic) or the August monthly ride (Yerington Ride ‘n’ Bowl).

Even recognizing how frugal (that’s a fancy word for “cheap”) most RCB’ers are, I am still surprised that no one has decided to order the really cool Twisted Core base layers that are available to club members at a discount.  Check the Forum for details.  If you don’t believe me, ask Jeannie Thurston how well they performed on her recent Iron Butt ride.

Speaking of Jeanie and the other Iron Butters (and I was just speaking of them), hearty congratulations are due to eleven (yes 11!) riders who successfully put over 1,000 miles on their bikes in under 24 hours.  Ryan Moore was the first finisher in 14 hours and 15 minutes for the 1,020-mile jaunt.  The final bikes came in after 16 hours and 40 minutes of saddle time.  I did the math and Ryan AVERAGED 71.6mph including time for gas and (presumably) pee stops.  The final finishing group averaged 61.2mph, including stops.  That is some really serious riding!   I was so impressed that I considered trying an Iron Butt myself.  NOT TO WORRY – the feeling passed quickly as soon as I opened a cold one to restore my normal mental acuity as well as a mature recognition of my own limitations.  

Finally, don’t forget to make your reservations for Yerington.  There’s bowling in them thar hills!