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July 2013 President's Corner


Happy Fourth of July, all you German-machine-loving American patriots!! Prime riding season is here and that means the BMW MOA National Rally is upon us, special discounts at A&S for RCB members are available (details later in this column), and we will soon be smashing pins again in Yerington!!

June’s club ride down to Tamales Bay for oysters was a huge success. Ken found us some great back roads and the oyster farmers were able to beat back the U.S. Department of the Interior for at least one more year (and one more ride). Next year our oyster ride may end up with canned tuna, depending on the outcome of ongoing negotiations between David the Oyster Farmer and Goliath the Government. Either way, there will still be great roads and great company.

Did I mention that special discounts at A&S for RCB members are available (details later in this column)?

A growing number of us are getting ready for the two-day trek up to Salem, Oregon for the 43rd BMW MOA National Rally. A select group (led by both a current and former Club President) will be heading up I-5 to Red Bluff; heading west to Fortuna and the coast on Route 36 (Warning: Curves Next 136 Miles); then “kamping” at the Crescent City KOA. Next morning, it is up the Oregon coast on Route 101 and then over to Salem. More folks are welcome to join us. Each grouping of 4-6 riders will need to book a Kamping Kabin. Once we get to Salem, I am almost certain that at least one RCBer’s number will be called during the MOA Superstakes and we will all be figuring out how to get that extra brand new bike (or two??) back down to Sac’to.

Did I mention that special discounts at A&S for RCB members are available (details later in this column)?

The custom bowling shirts have been ordered and will arrive shortly, so it can’t be long before our annual trip to Yerington to demonstrate our collective incompetence on the bowling alleys. Kim tells me this is the 15th year we have shown those pins who’s boss. One would think we would be better bowlers after all that time……

Did I mention that special discounts at A&S for RCB members are available (details later in this column)? YIPPEE!! It is now “later in this column” so here are the promised details…..


A&S has agreed to institute a discount program for those RCB members who renew their annual membership ON A TIMELY BASIS. If you renew your membership at any point during the month in which it is due, you will receive a 10% discount on parts, accessories, and apparel for the entire month following that renewal! For example, if my membership expires on September 12, 2013, and I renew any time during the month of September 2013, then I will receive 10% off on (almost) all of my purchases at our favorite local dealership for the entire month of October 2013. Naturally, there are a few restrictions, but they are not onerous. The discount cannot be applied to the purchase of a vehicle, to service labor charges, or to service parts when those parts are used for an insurance job (parts used in a regular customer-pay repair job are eligible for the discount). Since A&S already matches Internet prices on tires, this discount cannot be used on new rubber. Staintune Exhaust systems and Jesse Luggage are excluded, as are already discounted and clearance items.

Each month, the Club’s Membership Director will give A&S a list of members who renewed in a timely fashion and A&S’s computer system at the cash register will be waiting for you with the pre-programmed 10% discount tied to your account whenever you shop in the following month.  There is nothing for you to do except renew on time and then save money the following month. We will figure out a way to cover those members who have already renewed on a timely basis this year (since January 1) and Lifetime Members (who have no need to renew on a “timely basis” anymore!) will get to select the month in which they receive their 10% discount.

Here’s what I plan to do….I will renew on time and then buy myself that pair of $300 Italian riding boots that I have been drooling over. The discount will more than cover my RCB membership renewal, so all the fun I get for the following year from rides, raffles, et al., will be on house money.  It is almost like someone is paying me to be a member!

That’s it for now. Hope we have enough riders up in Salem to be among the top participating Chartered Clubs.

Ride hard, ride safely, ride with friends, and renew on time!!