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January 2018 President's Corner

by Jack Klauschie, RCBPREZ

It’s time to Tweet to the world a milestone has been reached.

It’s not record high stock prices, elimination of net neutrality, or another alleged trickle-down tax reform act. No folks. You have suffered under my dubious leadership for a whole year.

What are my remembrances from 2017? I have many, but really only one was completely unexpected.

My daughter expressed interest in learning to ride. As I pondered what wisdom I might offer her, in the misguided, naïve delusion she actually might listen, I reflected on the advice I have gotten from RCB members in my formative, early years, and the track classes I participated in over the years. Here it is:

It’s good to warm up the motor and suspension.

It’s essential to warm up tires. That small contact patch is all there is between smelling flowers or the inside of a hospital.

It’s critically required to warm up your mind and body. Do a short walk, mild exercise or some other physical activity to get the heart moving and joints loosened up. Put personal and work distractions out of your mind. They serve no purpose on a ride. We all love riding, but at the start moderate your excitement, temper your impulses, check your ego, and begin with deliberate care whenever you let out the clutch no matter how familiar the road or confident you may feel.

Once rolling, put all your senses, mind and body into the experience.

It’s advice I hope my daughter may follow.

I plan to do so.

Ride well mi amigos.

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