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January 2016 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It is hard to believe that 2016 is already here.  Since I have been riding a much faster bike these past few years, it seems that everything (including the calendar) is also moving faster.  Maybe I should go back to the K75 to slow things down……then again, maybe not!

Last year was filled with all sorts of exciting news and events and this coming year will certainly continue that pattern.  Happily, our beloved RideMeister Ken is on the mend and hopefully will be making his return to the head of the pack later in the year.  Until then, a number of other members have agreed to organize and lead our monthly rides in his absence. 

A number of annual events will be back this year:  the Spring and Fall Classics, the Ride ‘n’ Bowl, the Railroad Flat July 4th Picnic, the Day After Thanksgiving Ride (date still TBD, of course), the Tahoe Chill (likely to be at a new venue this year), and the Christmas/Kwanzaa/Chanukah/Winter Solstice Party.  There are also some new events on the calendar, including a Rope Swing Extravaganza (including BBQ and swimming) in June.  I am exploring options for Tech Days and will advise when and if anything materializes.  It would truly be a shame for my carburetor adjustment skills to go unused this year.

I am confident that many members will add new bikes to their stables, either as additions or replacements, and look forward to drooling over them as they arrive at Susie’s each Saturday.  I never get tired of the camaraderie we share each week.  I can only imagine how much more the guys and gals that are still working (poor souls!) must look forward to those breakfasts!  Just think – if the club ever gets to the point that every member is retired, we could have breakfast together every day!!!

This is the time of the year for New Year’s resolutions.  My advice is to not waste any energy on foolish resolutions like “Lose twenty pounds” or “Be kind to strangers” or “Run a marathon”.  Stick with ideas that are achievable and, once completed, will truly make you a better person. 

Here are the ten RCB-approved resolutions: 

1.  Ride more often.  2.  Ride longer.  3.  Ride in any weather.  4.  Ride with your friends.  5.  Ride with your casual acquaintances.  6.  Ride with folks you really don’t even like that much.   7.  Only ride on days that end in “Y”.  8.  Buy more raffle tickets each month (but don’t waste any $$ on lottery tickets!).  9.  Never miss an RCB meeting.  

….and finally….

10.  Have the best year of your life!