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January 2014 President's Corner

Happy 2014 to everyone!

It is hard to believe that another riding year has begun already, but here it is. I hope that every RCB’er considers adding the following to his or her list of New Year’s Resolutions: (Note: If necessary to save space on your list you may delete any resolutions regarding losing weight, stopping smoking/drinking, exercising more, finally getting your high school diploma, etc.).

Ride even more than last year!
Attend at least one track day or other moto-training session.
At least look at a new bike to purchase – maybe even buy one.
Consider running for RCB office – especially for RCBPREZ!
Consider hosting an RCB event – especially the Fall Classic!!

The upcoming year looks like it is going to be another busy one. In addition to our usual events, we have already added a new event that should be a beauty – the Spring Classic at Trinity Lake. The event is scheduled for May 30-June 1 and is being hosted by the Rocklin Renegades Chapter. That means in addition to great roads and good fellowship, we may also get an opportunity to terrorize a town – perhaps by whispering loudly in the Town Library or something equally outrageous. Watch out for additional details on the RCB Forum and on local police blotters.
We will have a guest speaker from Clearwater Lights at our January monthly meeting. I would like to have other guests at our meetings during the year and welcome suggestions from the membership on folks/organizations to invite. I am trying to make sure that everyone feels they are getting their money’s worth out of their annual dues!!
Speaking of dues – remember to renew yours on time (during the month your current membership expires) to get your “10% off month” at A&S. Speaking of dues’ increases – we ain’t havin’ any of those anytime soon, so just relax and enjoy…
BMW is coming out with a number of new models for the New Year – the water-cooled R1200RT, the R NineT, and a roadster version of the S1000RR – so start saving your pennies. Those members who purchased new bikes in 2013 are exempt, but all others are subject to intense criticism for being cheapskates if they fail to purchase something bright and shiny in 2014. Remember, consumer spending fuels 70% of the U.S. economy, so being extravagant is really the most noble form of patriotism. Please -- do it for America!!!
Thanks for all your support and cooperation in 2013. I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be a great year to ride, a great year to be an RCB’er, and a great time to be alive. Remember – four wheels move the body but two wheels move the soul!