Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


December 2016 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

This is my final President’s Corner after five years as Club President.  Naturally, my first thought as I sit down to write this message is to remember Gary Stofer.  My five years at the helm pale in comparison to his two separate four-year stints leading the Club. In those and all other years, Gary was a constant source of valued guidance, good humor, superb riding, and spirited accordion riffs.  To say he will be missed would be the definition of understatement.  His passing reminds all of us of the importance of savoring each day, each friend, and each ride – each and every day.

The Club has decided to permanently add Gary’s name to our list of Officers and Directors as “President Emeritus”.  We have also decided to rename the Fall Classic in his honor.  Beginning in 2017 we will celebrate his memory each year at the Gary Stofer Memorial Classic at Manchester Beach.  Also beginning in 2017, the Club will award a new set of tires (with complimentary mounting and balancing at A&S) to the Club member with the highest mileage total for the year.  The winner will be announced annually at Manchester.  For 2017, the contest will run from January 1 through September 15.  Make sure that your membership is up to date by the beginning of the year so you can register your initial mileage.  In subsequent years, the contest will run from October 15 through September 15 the following year. 

As I get ready to remove my “RCBPREZ” vanity plate and turn it (and the responsibility of command) over to my successor, I am confident that the Club will continue to prosper.  We have a very unique mix of people who are so different in many ways, but so similar in their love of motorcycling.  We never get tired of riding, of talking about riding, of planning trips, of taking trips, and of sharing our two-wheeled life adventure.  As the saying goes, “You don't stop riding because you get old… you get old because you stop riding!”  I am sure that the new President can count on the same support that I enjoyed over the last five years.  No one person can keep this Club running without the cooperation of the larger membership.  Every person that organizes an event, a ride, or a party helps keep the Club going.  I know that I get a tremendous amount of joy out of the Club and I plan to be active in my “Club retirement” years, helping out with the Tahoe Chill and other events as needed. 

It has been a great ride as your President.  I am anxious to see what the Club meetings look like from the other side of the room.  I am looking forward to being able to arrive somewhat later for breakfast, knowing someone else will be selling the raffle tickets.  I will not, however, relinquish all the responsibilities of the office.  I have already reserved my elf costume for the Christmas party and plan to be the “HEAD ELF” even after I become just a regular RCB member in every other respect!

Thanks for all your support over the years – RIDE ON!!