Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


December 2015 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

This is the final President's Corner of the year and also the last column I will get to write as your Club President … NO WAIT! I was re-elected yet again wasn't I, so I guess I still have a dozen more of these to do! Notice that I did not say "at least a dozen more" since 2016 will DEFINITELY be my final year as President (at least for this decade). It is time for someone else to realize his or her lifelong dream of leading our wonderful club. Everyone – please start thinking of who you would like to see succeed me and then start convincing him or her of the wisdom of your choice.

This has been quite a year for the Club. Membership continues to hover at around 200 and we had more events than ever. Eventually (probably sooner rather than later) we will need to increase our annual dues slightly to guarantee the continued financial viability of the Club. A modest increase ($1 per month to an annual total of $36) would probably allow us to operate for at least the next few years with no co-pays for any events. The Board of Directors will be focusing on this issue over the next few months, so please make your views known to us. Even at $36 per annum we would still be one of the best bargains available on anything even remotely related to BMW motorcycles!!

Ken's unfortunate accident has highlighted just how important he is to the Club and how much he does for all of us. All of us wish him the speediest and most complete recovery. While Ken recuperates we will need some volunteers to pick up some of his ride planning and leadership responsibilities. Again, if any of you are willing to help, please make your willingness known to a Club officer so we can take full advantage of you!

Our planning meeting went well and we have a full slate of events proposed for 2016. Once the Board of Directors approves, the details will be available on the RCB website. There is always room for additional events, so if you come up with an idea for a new (or improved) event let us know.

Dennis Alstead just received his 200,000-mile badge from BMW Motorrad and will be displaying it proudly on his latest bike. I am both impressed by and jealous of Dennis's impressive total. That's a lot of miles on a lot of bikes. I am curious how many other Club members have already received 100K, 200K, or higher awards from BMW. If you let me know, I will try to get a plaque made for display at A&S including all the names and mileage totals. I am betting that Dennis is not the first to reach 200K. I know he won't be the last!

See you all at the Holiday Party. Don't forget the annual Toy Run as well.

Ride safely into 2016!