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Cloverdale In My Rear View Mirror

Oct 8, 2012 - In typical RCB fashion, arrivals into the Cloverdale KOA began early afternoon with the spirited group, followed sometime later by a "relaxed" group and interspersed with smaller groups who wanted a different route or a specific enroute destination. But by 5PM, the 60+ Friday arrivals had pitched their tents (or moved into their Kabins) and were already thinking of dinner.

Cloverdale has a wide variety of tourist dining, but most of us stuck to burger and pizza joints, and a couple hours later, beer and wine was being poured around campfires as stories of the ride up to Cloverdale started flowing. One difference with Manchester was observed - No heavy overcoats were needed at night.

For Saturday, Phil S had laid out a scavenger hunt game destined to show off the variety of destinations (and directions) available from our Cloverdale base. Again, in typical RCB fashion, some went scavenging, some went sightseeing, some went in search of twisties and some just enjoyed the local roads. By 4PM another ~20 Saturday arrivals joined in for cocktails and appetizers under the warm sun. Fred was making his World Famous Bloody Marys, and Mary and Cathy had placed out dips and chips for our enjoyment.

The monthly meeting (relocated this month from Susie's) consisted of its usual activity review, Treasurer's report (plenty of money), Membership report (209 members) and reminders of the upcoming board meeting and planning meeting. Everyone is welcome! Then to the raffle.

The first prizes were awarded to anyone "Who had never won anything!" From this point on, whining was prohibited. The grand prize (Kermit Chair) was won by Lynn F who already had one, but didn't have the leg extenders nor cup holder. She asked for those two items and then graciously offered the chair back for another Grand Prize raffle! Winners all around.

There isn't enough space on this website to describe the deliciousness (?) of Mary's chicken-fried pork, corn, mashed potato and gravy ... and salads and breads and desserts that most no longer had room for. Incredible! And there was wine at the tables. Quite a spread and certainly unrivaled in RCB history.

As the sun went down, fires started up all over the site courtesy of free firewood. Some were still going strong at midnight when your reporter retired for the evening.

The 2012 Fall Classic certainly earned it's place among the greatest RCB events. Sorry if you missed it. We have some photos. Maybe that will help?