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August 2016 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

It’s official!  The presidential campaign season is in full swing.  The Republicans have nominated Donald Trump.  The Democrats have nominated Hillary Clinton.  Now the nation awaits what is perhaps the most important nomination of all – the one for the presidency of the River City Beemers!  But seriously, folks… only five months remain in my Reign of Terror.  I have to believe that the club membership must be getting tired of me by now and be looking forward to a fresh face ringing that damned cowbell every month.  It is really time to start thinking about which of us will assume the handlebars of power on January 1, 2017.

If the country can select a new leader, then we can too.  Think about throwing your helmet into the ring.  Failing that, throw someone else’s helmet in!! Being RCBPREZ comes with a number of significant perks:  (1) personalized RCBREZ license plate; (2) free coffee at A&S; (3) exclusive access to the colored chalk for the A&S events blackboard; (4) free raffle ticket (with RCB president badge) each month; (5) your name engraved on the President’s Plaque at A&S; and finally, the almost worshipful adoration of all (or at least some) of the club’s members.

Being RCBPREZ actually involves less work than one might think.  The Prez is very ably assisted by the Board of Directors.  Chairing the monthly meetings is pretty easy.  Ken (and others) do all the heavy lifting on the monthly rides.  Karl handles all the financial business and Angel has the other recordkeeping completely under control.  Most importantly, volunteer positions like this one look very impressive on college applications and may make the difference between being accepted at Berkeley or ending up at Trump University!!

The official nomination season will continue up until the election of officers and directors at the club meeting on November 5.  That means the RCB will select its leaders three days before the country as a whole selects its.  As always, RCB is leading the way, accelerating ahead of the masses, knees dragging!!

This month, we renew one of our treasured traditions – the annual Ride ‘n’ Bowl trip to Yerington, NV.  I checked both with Siri and on Google -- RCB is the ONLY organization worldwide that characterizes Yerington as a “destination resort”.  Once again, RCB leads the way.  It is only a matter of time before the rest of the riding (and non-riding) community catches on and Yerington displaces Las Vegas as the leading gaming city in the state.  Who knows, this could be the last year that we (in our ever-so-stylish bowling shirts) will have the town to ourselves.

On August 20, A&S is teaming up with the BMWMOA to celebrate the 100th anniversary of BMW.  In addition to the A&S Vintage Bike Show, MOA is chipping in raffle prizes, MOA swag, and money for food and refreshments.  More details will follow as the event nears, but SAVE THE DATE!!

Ride cool (if you can)!