Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


August 2015 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

WOW! That was a great rally up in Billings, Montana. Big Sky Country was every bit as beautiful as our advance scout (and lone member of RCB’s Montana Chapter) Tom Moe promised it would be. We had 45 RCB’ers at the Rally! I may even have missed one or two others who never managed to check in at the Presidential tent or the RCB banner. As far as I can tell, the Minnesota BMW Riders with 51 attendees was the only club with more members at the Rally. I am not very confident that we will win the largest club award next year in Buffalo, New York, but I have high hopes for 2017 when the Rally will be held somewhere in the Pacific Time Zone.

Even though we lost to Minnesota for one award, we were not shut out entirely. Karl Weiland won one of the Grand Prizes at the closing ceremony on Saturday night and he now has $1,500.00 worth of BMW apparel to select. So if you see Karl looking even more stylish than usual soon, you will know the reason. With that kind of money he can buy almost an entire BMW riding suit!!

My little riding group put just under 3,000 miles on our odometers and I know some Club members did many more miles than that. Ernesto made the run from Sacramento to Billings without an overnight stop, qualifying for yet another Iron Butt award. My group rode more than 500 miles in less than 12 hours earning the coveted half-Iron Butt award (officially known as the “One Cheeker”). After a fantastic day riding the Beartooth and Chief Joseph Highways I managed to leave the key in my bike long enough to flatten the battery. After that rookie mistake, I learned the value of having good friends (especially good friends who have jumper cables!). Several RCB groups got to ride the beautiful Lolo Pass in the rain (and even a little hail). Even with less-than-perfect weather, that road is a real gem. At Rand Olson’s recommendation, some of us also rode Route129, the road coming out of Lewiston, Idaho that runs south along Hell’s Canyon through Washington and into Oregon. Rand isn’t always a source of perfect information, but he was 100% right this time – that road is definitely memorable!

Now that we are all safely back from Montana, we have to turn our attention back to RCB events – and there are lots of them coming up. Our traditional bowl-a-thon in Yerington is this weekend featuring a new lunch spot in Markleeville. The Tahoe Chill is scheduled for August 14-16 and promises great food in addition to great riding. Please remember to sign up on the Forum so the Klauschies will know how much gourmet fare to prepare. The inaugural Surprise Valley Surprise will be August 28-30 with both camping and hotel options. We saw some of that surprising countryside on our way back from Billings and it looked great.

Two non-RCB events that always get a lot of RCB participation are also coming up. The Gypsy Tour will be September 4-7 and the Beemer Bash is September 18-20. There will be a regular RCB meeting, raffle, and Club ride for all the non-Gypsies on September 5 as usual.

Finally, it's not too early to start thinking about the Fall Classic up at Manchester Beach. Make sure you save the first weekend in October for that long-running Club tradition.

This has been a terrific riding year so far and I am sure that will continue right on through to 2016. Ride safe and often!!