Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


August 2013 President's Corner


I am happy to report that we are all back safely from Salem, Oregon after a truly fantastic BMW MOA National rally.

The River City Beemers had 68 members in attendance – more than any other chartered club! Naturally, as an outlaw club we are all about stickin’ it to The Man. So when we were advised by the authorities that we would need to complete some paperwork before receiving our certificate we responded that “We don’t need no stinkin’ certificate!” and went back to drinking beer and swapping stories. We not only had the largest turnout of any club, we also had the largest banner! Make no mistake – size matters! You could sense the feelings of inadequacy from the other clubs, but we were all mature enough not to gloat.

There were only a few minor disappointments at the Rally. The biggest downer was that not a single RCB’er rode away on any of the new BMW’s that were raffled off. In fact, the only RCB’er that won anything at all was Cousin Rand. Unfortunately, his gift certificate from Bing Carburetors was of no value to him, since I already take care of any of his carburetor problems for free (as I do for all RCB members riding fuel-injected bikes). The other disappointment was Ken’s inability to lead us home on one of his circuitous routes after his unfortunate encounter with a wayward tent guy line (resulting in a cut hand and a trip to the ER.) Without Ken to lead us, many of us simply came straight down I-5 and wore out the centers of our tires. In honor of Ken’s accident – and effective immediately – all tents requiring any sort of ropes, lines, or other tripping hazards are banned from all RCB camping events (the “Caruthers Rule”). This action is taken to avoid the alternative of requiring all members to wear ATGATT at all club functions -- even when they are off their bikes.

Before leaving Salem (metaphorically, that is!), I have to give a special “thank you” to the RRCB (the Rocklin River City Beemers). This crack special ops detachment was forward deployed and established the base camp that was the envy of all the other clubs. George Boyse graciously agreed to drive up to Salem with lots of Club gear, making it possible for the RRCB baristas to prepare “gourmet-ish” coffee each morning. Several of the more luxurious tents (including the PREZidential suite) could not have made it to Salem without the RRCB.

Next year’s BMW MOA rally will be in St. Paul, so I am not quite so confident in another record-setting club attendance level. Maybe we could all go to Paonia instead that week. We have plenty of time to come up with a plan.

It’s not too early to start thinking about volunteering to serve as a Club Director or Officer for next year. We will hold the election at the November monthly meeting and I am already aware of at least one anticipated vacancy on the Board. Service on the Board is a good way to give back to the Club. Let me know if you are interested.

The timely renewal discount program is getting underway, so make sure to renew your Club membership (during the month that it is expiring) so you get the 10% discount at A&S on nearly all purchases during the subsequent month.  Remember, if you spend $240 or more, the discount covers your dues!

Ride hard, ride often, ride smart, and ride with your buddies!