Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


April 2016 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

I was thinking of doing a long and controversial column for this month including: (1) a criticism of BMW Motorrad for making expensive but unreliable motorcycles; (2) a complaint that I am not accorded the deference from the RCB membership that I so richly deserve; and (3) a boast that I am definitely the most exceptional president that this club has ever known.   Obviously, such an effort would have ended with a big “APRIL’S FOOL’S!” in capital/italic letters!  Then I remembered that most of you will not actually read this on April Fools’ Day so I decided to just be my normal serious, provocative, esoteric and incredibly erudite self when doing my monthly column -- so here goes.

I turn 65 this month and you all know what that means – RETIREMENT!!!  At year’s end, I plan to retire as RCB President, as RCB Rafflemeister, as Treasurer of the Sacramento Men’s Senior Baseball League, as Treasurer of the Elmhurst Neighborhood Association, as Coordinator of Sacramento’s Kindergarten-to-College Program, and as a role model for millions of young people everywhere aspiring to a life well lived!  Naturally, I am aware that I already retired from gainful employment 10 years ago and have been living the Life of Riley ever since, but I see no reason why that should preclude me from celebrating my 65th birthday with another burst of retirement activity!  (BTW:  “Retirement activity” is an excellent answer to the question “What is an example of an oxymoron?”).

Spring is here and the riding is better than ever!  Next month we will all celebrate Lois Lewis’s memory at our annual Poker Run in her honor.  Before that event, a substantial number of us will be headed to the coast for the first (but hopefully not last) North Coast /Redwoods ride to Fortuna.  Knowing my readership, I am absolutely certain that the quality of the roads between Sacramento (rather than the number of micro-breweries in Fortuna) was the reason for the selection of the destination. 

Our beloved Ridemeister Ken is well on the road to a full recovery and is already starting to narrow his choices for his next ride.  The ever-growing GS clique within RCB is confident that he will eventually come over to the Dark Side.  We all know The Force is strong in Ken.  Ride a GS, he will! 

Finally, for those of you who actually work on your own bikes, I have two bits of information.  First, you may not be aware that A&S (and presumably other BMW dealers) will do the work for you.  Second, if you still insist on doing it yourself, the Club has two GS-911 diagnostic tools that will help you identify the source of your problems.  Marv is the custodian of the older 911 that can handle all BMW models except the newest water-cooled 1200’s and the S1000RR.  Ken has the newer one that can accommodate every model.  Just contact either of them to arrange a meeting.  As always, for any of you with fuel-injected bikes (regardless of year, make, or model) that are still experiencing carburetor problems I am available 24/7/365.

Ride safe(ly),