Northern California's largest and most active BMW motorcycle Club


April 2015 President's Corner

by Gordy Olson, RCBPREZ

We are officially in the prime riding season. In the next few months, members can look forward to Morro Bay, the Lois Lewis Memorial Poker Run, the 49’er Rally, and the Spring Classic at Trinity Lake.

In addition to those returning favorites, we have added the following inaugural events this year: the RCB “Ride and Shoot” at Beale AFB in late April; the “Rope Swing Extravaganza” at Mike Ledbetter’s house and pond in Newcastle in late June, and the “Surprise Valley Surprise” in late August.

The “Ride and Shoot” event deserves some special mention due a recent press item. An article (reposted on the RCB Forum) reported that the FBI had recently admitted adding everyone who has received a motorcycle license to its “potential gang member” watch list. Sadly, the report turned out to be a hoax from a satirical news outlet. I was really hoping it was true since the RCB will soon be holding a weapons-related event. I was confident that our street cred with other outlaw motorcycle clubs would be significantly enhanced. Had the report been true, once the Bureau got wind of the “Ride and Shoot” event our members would have been moved from the “potential gang member” category (where they would have shared space with Honda 250 and Vespa riders) to their rightful position as “bada** bikers” (along with all the other 1%-ers!). Despite the debunking of the story, I will still be buying chaps, fingerless gloves, beanie helmets, and various fringed items for upcoming raffles so our members’ appearances will be more consistent with the Bureau’s expectations when/if some clever G-man decides listing all riders as potential thugs is a good idea after all!

Quite a number of RCB’ers are already making plans for the BMWMOA National Rally in Billings, MT (July 23-26). As the event gets closer we can figure out departure dates and routes. Some people are planning on a two-week extended vacation and others need to be up and back in a week or less. Regardless of how we get there or how long we can stay, the days up in Billing should be a blast! Maybe one of us will even win a new bike at the raffle up there.

SPEAKING OF RAFFLES… I am always open to suggestions for raffle prizes. I try to keep up with new items as they are released and reviewed in various moto-mags. If there is an item that you have wanted to try (but were too cheap to buy!) then maybe you could win it at a raffle. Just let me know what it is and where to find it and I will give you your chance.

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning to ride in the rain.”

Ride safely – rain or shine,