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April 2014 President's Corner

As this year’s deadline to file your taxes approaches, it is also time to think about how you are going to spend the hefty refund you are anticipating. While there are probably lots of practical (i.e., boring) uses to which you could put those funds, wouldn't it be better for your psyche to just give in to temptation and buy that new bike you have been craving? Not only would you get a brand new ride, but you would have something to talk about on Saturday mornings with your riding buddies that they would actually be interested in hearing about.

The new NineT has both a really cool name and an attractive profile. The K1600 GTL Exclusive sounds sort of snobby and has a back seat that looks like a reclining easy chair. That said, I bet it is a sweet ride for long range touring with your better half perched jauntily behind you. To make it even more tempting, the Club will chip in $1,500 toward the purchase of accessories and/or apparel for any new bike purchased before -- wait for it -- APRIL FOOL’S!!!
This month the Club will be treating about a dozen members to a GPS seminar with the hopes of creating a cadre of assistant ride leaders who can help our esteemed RideMeister with his duties. Ken will still plot out delightfully devious ways to get from Point A (Susie’s) to Point B (that month’s lunch spot!) but he will now have help keeping all his littermates from getting lost along the way. Hopefully this new arrangement will allow us to split up our group into smaller, like-minded (like-speeded??) groups to make the riding experience even better for all. Feel free to provide feedback as this program gets going. We want everybody riding safely and happily.
The Trinity Lake Rendezvous looks like it is going to be a sell-out (or at least as close to a “sell-out” as a free event can be)! Over fifty people have signed up to sample to fantastic roads of the Trinity Alps and to share in the excitement of this inaugural event in May. I can already sense a tradition being created. I just bought a new tent for the occasion and I still have almost two months to think of other things that I need/want for this trip. If you haven’t signed up already you had better act before the Rocklin Renegades decide to close the registration list. Once that bad of misfits makes a ruling, there is no one with the cajones to challenge it – not even the PREZ – so act now before it is too late.
Now is also a good time to start thinking of investigating some riding skills training before the riding season gets into full swing. If anyone has an idea for a group outing or class please let me know. If we get a group together we can probably get a discounted rate. Remember, none of us are as good as we used to think we were -- we can always use some additional training.
Spring is officially here so get out there and ride, ride, ride and ride!!