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April 2013 President's Corner

Mar 27, 2013 - As I sit down to write this month’s column I have literally just returned from A&S where I signed all the paperwork for my new R1200GSW! Luckily, the first non-demonstrator GSW that arrived at A&S was a white one (my preferred color) with all the extras. I was somewhat disappointed to learn that the new GS has self-adjusting carburetors (probably due to the water-cooled engine) so I will not be able to adjust them myself as I have done on my previous fuel-injected bikes. It appears that the only mechanical work I will be able to perform on the bike is periodically toweling off the wet clutch. Actually, I would have thought those clever German engineers would have designed of some kind of waterproof cover to keep the clutch from getting wet in the first place! That said, for the first (and probably the last!) time in my life, I am the owner (or at least the co-owner along with the bank) of a brand new motorcycle. It only took six decades, but it looks like it will be worth the wait.

I can’t wait for the April club ride to see if I can actually download a route to my new GPS and then follow said route without getting lost. Brave new worlds await me and those who follow me!

But enough about me ... wait, did I mention that I just got the very first R1200GSW from A&S???

So what else is going on in the club -- aside from me getting a new R1200GSW -- you may ask? Our raffle this month will include a chance to win one of 12 brand new BMW’s (including a new R1200GSW like the one that I just got!). To be more precise, the raffle will include the chance to win a ticket for the chance to win one of those BMW’s in the BMW MOA Super Sweepstakes. Depending on how many RCB’ers participate in the raffle we may be able to give away more than one Super Sweepstakes ticket. You do not have to be present at the BMW MOA rally to win a sweepstakes prize, but you do have to present at Susie’s at the April meeting to buy a raffle ticket!

Speaking of Susie’s ... I was shocked and saddened when I learned that I was the only RCB member that actually acted on the invitation that Sonya made on her tee shirt at the March meeting. For those of you who were not present or were not paying attention, Sonya’s shirt said “I’m not Irish, but kiss me anyway!” I fear that if a report of our low kissing participation level leaks out to rival motorcycle clubs we may lose our status as one per center outlaw bikers. Our outlaw status was already shaky since we all wear full face helmets, favor gloves with fingers, and are very rarely fringed, tatted up or chromed.

Remember to make your personal hotel reservations in Yerington for August’s Ride ‘n’ Bowl and to book your Kamping Kabin at the Manchester KOA for the October’s Fall Classic if you are not tenting it that weekend.

As always ... ride hard, ride safely, ride often, ride with your buddies, and remember to tell me how good I look on my new PREZidential steed!